Egal wie unerwartet das Jahr bisher verlaufen ist, darauf kann man sich verlassen: Fette Trailer, die so richtig Bock auf die neuen Full Movies machen und ab Oktober 2020 veröffentlicht werden.

Trotz des frühzeitigen Endes der letzten Saison haben alle Crews und Filmproduktionen auf die ein oder andere Weise ihre Projekte zu einem erfolgreichen Ende gebracht. Den ganzen Sommer über haben die Cutter stundenlang vor ihren Rechnern gesessen, um euch die fetteste Freeski-Action auf die Bildschirme zu zauben.

In diese Artikel haben wir für euch alle interessanten Projekte aus allen Bereichen gesammelt – vom harten Street Movie bis zum Big Mountain Streifen, egal ob kostenlos im Netz oder gegen Bezahlung als Stream.

“Deviate” mit Torin Yater-Wallace & Jossi Wells

Video: “Deviate” Teaser mit Torin Yater-Wallace & Jossi Wells presented by Teton Gravity Research (TGR)

“Take a sneak peek at “DEVIATE,” the first backcountry project from legendary shredders Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells, featuring the duo alongside some of the heaviest-hitting rippers in the industry.”

Releasedate: 11. Dezember 2020 auf TGR TV

“R.I.P in pieces”  – SUÈDE

Video: “R.I.P in pieces” Teaser by SUÈDE

“Full video dropping early 2021.”

“Salute” by Henrik Harlaut – Stept Productions & BUG Visionaries

Video: “Salute” – Official Trailer 2020

Video: “Salute” – Official Trailer 2019

“«Salute» is a 2 year project, a world wide trip taking you through the backcountry, the streets, behind the comps and into the park. Follow Henrik Harlaut and some of the World best skiers as they embark on the 2019 and 2020 seasons. From dedication, to history and dominance, take a deeper dive into what really makes Henrik tick. This is a Salute to freeskiing.”

A film by Henrik Harlaut
In association with STEPT Production and BUG Visionaries
Directed by Isaac Sokol
Cinema Release October 2020
Release Date: 10. November 2020

Das 2-Jahresprojekt von henrik Harlaut ist das wahrscheinlich am meisten erwarteste Release des Jahres. - Foto: Sofia Sjöberg
Das 2-Jahresprojekt von Henrik Harlaut ist das wahrscheinlich am meisten erwarteste Release des Jahres. – Foto: Sofia Sjöberg

Update: “Salute” ist ab sofort verfügbar. Außerdem findet ihr ein ausführliches Movie-Review hier bei uns auf der Webseite.

“Fluid” – el.Makrell

Video: “Fluid” Teaser by el.Makrell

“Water is the origin.
It`s our future.
We are tied to it.
We feel it when we are skiing.
We feel something larger than ourselves.
It connects us to our world.
We ski through the cycle of water.”

– This is our homage to water –

Ludwig Hagelstein, Rosina Friedel, Lukas Ellensohn, Raphael Hagen, Marc Welschinger, Armando Guetg, Jakob Siedersleben, Lucas Mangold, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Moritz Waas, Magnus Kramer, Magnus Granér, Jacques Summermatter, Jens Nilsson, Adrian Gaiser, Torge Nagel, Severin Guggemoos, Felix Gross, Jakob Aigner, Vilmer Ivarrsson, Luis Meier, Luis Eckert

Die Premiere findet am 11. November im Rahmen der Freeride Filmbase im Metropol Kino, Innsbruck (AT) statt. Die Premiere musste leider aufgrund der aktuellen Lage abgesagt werden.

“Halcyon Days” – LORE Agency

Video: “Halcyon Days” Teaser by LORE Agency

“Halcyon Days (noun) a calm and peaceful period of time in the past.

With everything going on nowadays, the title seemed even more fitting.

Joona Kangas showed us around his hometown resort of Levi, Finland in the Arctic Circle. Jacob Hyllengren Larsson gave us a look into the ski scene within the city of Oslo, Norway.

Torge Nagel and Lucas Mangold showed us around the seemingly endless different ski resorts surrounding Innsbruck, Austria. Last but not least Kai Mahler introduced us to the freestyle heaven known as Laax, Switzerland.”

Joona Kangas, Kai Mahler, Eirik Moberg, Jacob Hyllengren Larsson, Anttu Oikkonen, Lukas Schlickenrieder, Lucas Mangold, Torge Nagel, Daniel Hanka, Tobias Huber, Miika Virkki, Aleksi Laitinen.

Update vom 4. November 2020: Der Film ist jetzt online.

“NOwhere ” – Good Company / Lupe Hagearty

Video: “NOwhere | NOWhere” Teaser by Good Company

“Lupe and Owen spent the 2019/2020 season chasing snow in cities around the US, Spain, and France. The project features a few unseen shots from the 18/19 season as well. Dropping November 2nd.”

Der Street Part “NOwhere | NOWhere” von Lupe Hagearty ist jetzt online.

“Magma II” – Alex Hall & Hunter Hess

Video: “Magma II” Teaser by Alex Hall & Hunter Hess

“Magma II” ist inklusiv einem Interview mit Hunter Hess jetzt auf unserer Seite online.

“Made in Voyage” – Picture Organic Clothing

Video: “Made in Voyage” by Picture Organic Clothing

“Who hasn’t dreamed of putting their life on hold to embark on an adventure where only your imagination sets the boundaries for what is possible?
A trip where time stands still, far removed from the responsabilities, social engagements, and smartwatches of today’s fast-paced 21st century lifestyle. Cody and Kellyn turned this dream into a reality.”

Release on Youtube in December 2020

Cody Cirillo, Kellyn Wilson, Thomas Delfino, Micah Evangelista, Ian Hamilton


Video: “Bliss” Teaser

“The short movie will first be showed in a cinema in Annecy the 20th of october, then will be released on all digital platforms in a few weeks.”

Lalo Rambaud, Tenra Katsuno, Mateo Socquet, Baptiste Mermillod, Tom Gratadour & Paul Marchande

“Follow the Forecast” – Blank Collective

Video: “Follow the Forecast” Teaser by Blank Collective

“As snow sport enthusiasts, we live and die by the forecast. In 2020 BLANK Collective Films relinquished control: to the forecast.

“Follow the Forecast” chronicles The Blank Collectives winter adventures – from their deepest days to date, to first time mountaineering experiences, to rolling the dice on new locations, each objective is documented with classic brother and sister banter.”

Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Josh Daiek, Chris Rubens, Aaron Blunck, Anna Segal, Jordy Kidner, Cody Townsend, Sam Kuch, Riley Leboe, Barclay Desjardins, Lexi Dupont, Ian Morrison, ABM, Cole Richardson, Sage Cattabirga-Alosa, Drew Petersen

Update vom 5. Dezember 2020: Der Film ist jetzt online!

“Tanner Hall Forever”

Video: “Tanner Hall Forever” Teaser

“With seven Winter X-Games gold medals and a career spanning twenty years, Tanner Hall has cemented himself as an icon and legend in the sport of skiing. Now, at age 35, he’s decided to enter the Freeride World Tour; a five-stop competition circuit in which skiers are judged on their ability to descend through rugged, un-groomed terrain. Having never competed in a freeride competition, Tanner embarks on the latest chapter of his career, struggling against the limits of an aging body while confronting the darkest memories of his past.”

“Tanner Hall Forver” ist seit dem 21. Oktober 2020 auf allen gängigen Online-Plattformen für ca. 5€ (zum ausleihen) bzw. 10€ (Kauf) erhältlich:

“Make Believe” – TGR

Video: “Make Believe” Teaser by Teton Gravity Research

“Inspiration is evoked spontaneously and without intention…” Sometimes it comes in the form of a photograph, a chance encounter on a chairlift, or a glimpse at a mountain never seen before. When combined with motivation, the spark of inspiration becomes a dream, and when pursued gives our lives a new purpose.

For 25 years TGR has focused on turning ‘Make Believe’ into reality, from exploring powder stashes in our backyard playground to first descents on unnamed peaks, the ethos of “live the dream” has defined our adventures.

“Make Believe” celebrates today’s athletes who have committed to this ethos, the ones who have fallen deeply in love with the mountain life, the people who have chosen to live their lives in a particular way, from inception to reality, the ones who choose to make and believe in their dreams.”

“Huck Yeah” – Matchstick Productions

Video: “Huck Yeah” Teaser by MSP

Matchstick Productions 2020 ski film is packed with the best skiers in the world charging hard and having fun in some of the most spectacular locations. Prepare to have your mind blown as Hoji, Sam Kuch, Bobby Brown and the breakout girl posse “The Blondes,” have the time of their lives shredding and stomping.

With the global shut-down of the pandemic we are reminded how important it is to spend time outdoors with friends having fun.

This film is a balance of personal action segments and location/story-based segments that not only show progressive skiing but interesting stories. Grab a beer, some popcorn and yell “Huck Yeah!’ with the most fun ski movie of 2020. Dropping in September of 2020.

Lucas Wachs, Janelle Yip, Sam Kuch, Lucy Sackbauer, Chris Rubens, McKenna Peterson, Connery Lundin, Emily Childs, Bobby Brown, Arianna Tricomi, Mark Abma, Michelle Parker, Eric Hjorliefson, Tonje Kvivik, Karl Fostvedt, Adam Kuch, Banks Gilberti, Jossi Wells, Torin Yater Wallace

Update vom 4. November 2020: MSP hat zum Online-Release von “Huck Yeah” das komplette Segment von Lucas Wachs kostenlos veröffentlicht. Außerdem ist der Film ab sofort auf allen gängigen Online-Plattformen verfügbar.

“Subject 2 Change” – Ski Carnage

Video: “Subject 2 Change” Teaser by Ski Carnage

Update vom 5. Dezember 2020: Der Film ist jetzt bei den Kollegen von online.

“Bermuda” – Strictly

Video: “Bermuda” Teaser by Strictly

“The second full-length ski film from Strictly, Bermuda. Dropping for free – 24-hours only, 1pm October 27-28 – presented by Newschoolers.”

Benny Smith, Sam Zahner, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Ethan Swadburg, Calvin Barrett, Taylor Brooke Lundquist, Carson Kerr, McRae Williams, and Levi Ascher

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort online!

“Gore-Flex 2020” – Buldozlife

Video: “Gore-Flex 2020” Teaser by Buldozlife

“Coming Fall 2020”

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort online!

“Skivas” – Coline Ballet-Baz

Video: “Skivas” Teaser by Coline Ballet-Baz

#Skivas is a 100% female ski movie by Coline Ballet-Baz, produced by BUG Visionaries and directed by UPLAND Films.
10 of the best female skiers and snowboarders meet during 2020 winter season to stack shots in urban, freeride and backcountry, and to show how Freeskiing is more than a sport, but a lifestyle and an art.

Taylor Lundquist, Marion Haerty, Juliette Willmann, Emma Dahlström, Jennie-Lee Burmansson, Rosina Friedel, Kim Lamarre, McKenna Brown, Marie Bovard, Coline Ballet-Baz

“Bourn” – Micah Evangelista

Video: “Bourn” Teaser by Micah Evangelista

“Bourn- The idea of “home” resonates differently for everyone. For some, your hometown could be a place you’re trying to escape from, but for others it may have a magnetic pull that can’t be broken. In this two year film project, Micah Evangelista reflects on the places and moments that have helped shape his skiing and much of his youth. He now returns to some of his favorite spots around Mt. Baker with an eagerness and passion to ski them in ways he never has before.”

Full film coming fall 2021.

“Finally” – Ben Buratti

Video: “Finally” Teaser by Ben Buratti

“FINALLY – After 2 months of confinement, Ben Buratti, the prodigy of French freesking, needed to feel what he was of capable again. As a setting, he chose his home mountain of La Clusaz. What skier doesn’t dream of finding themselves completely alone on their home mountain? A dream that generates a lot of emotion and unearths even more questions.”

“From Switzerland With Love” – Laurent De Martin

Video: “From Switzerland With Love” Teaser by Laurent De Martin

“After being invited to film ski parts around the world over the last decade, the time has come for Laurent De Martin to switch from guest to host. LDM is born and raised in front of the Dents du Midi. This winter with his local friends, he invites skiers from different countries to spend good times & to enjoy the amazing possibilities of street & backcountry skiing the Région Dents du midi offers.”

Laurent De Martin, Lucas Wachs, Will Berman, Remco Kayser, Mathieu Schaer, Alex Chabod, Thibault Magnin, Sampo Vallotton, Valentin Morel & Fred Couderc

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort online!

“Base Reality” – Jacob Wester

Video: “Base Reality” Teaser by Jacob Wester

“Are we living in a simulation? Trailer for a short ski film based on theory laid out by philosopher Nick Bostrom, produced by Marcus Rönne featuring the skiing of Jacob Wester, filmed in Chamonix, France.”

Online on all platforms late 2020

“Der Tiroler und sein Piefke 2” – midiaFILMS

Video: “Der Tiroler und sein Piefke 2” Teaser

“Der Tiroler und sein Piefke 2 – Seit über zehn Jahren sind sie gemeinsam auf Skiern unterwegs – inzwischen verbindet Roman Rohrmoser und Felix Wiemers eine echte Freundschaft. Felix, der als klassischer „Piefke” schon seit dem Kindesalter ins Zillertal reist, trifft dort auf die lokale Skigranate Roman. Sie sprechen zwar die gleiche Sprache, dennoch ergeben sich aus der Hürde des Dialekts stets neue Herausforderungen. Es ergibt sich ein humorvolles Portrait mit jede Menge heiße Action in tiefem Pulverschnee serviert mit herkunftsbedingten Missverständnisse zeigen die Protagonisten in ihrem unüblichen Alltag.”

Video: Der Tiroler und sein Piefke 2 – Sneak Peek

Roman Rohrmoser – Der Tiroler | The Tyrolean
Felix Wiemers – Der Piefke | The Piefke

“Face B”

Video: “Face B” Teaser

“Face B, a documentary and a book to come starring Jules Bonnaire, Joffrey Pollet-Villard, César Fabre, Pierre Rougeot & Paul Roques.
For the six of us it’s been a numerous number of years that our life remains to a shared passion: freeski. A culture that made us who we are.
This year we would spread a vision shaped by the time we spent up there, trying to remain a spirit we care about. We would leave a mark to give back and pay respect.
To those who read these words, we take you with us.”

“go go go”

Video: “go go go” Teaser

“A simple story about friends traveling the Japanese country side via RV. With the world as their oyster, who knows what they’ll find –> Shot on Super8 film”

Mike Henitiuk, Callum Pettit

Update vom 3. November 2020: Der Film ist jetzt online.

“Future Retro” – Warren Miller

Video: “Future Retro” Teaser by Warren Miller

“If there is one thing you can always count on, it is Warren Miller’s annual ski film. And this year is no different. Warren Miller’s “Future Retro” will revel in 71 years of movie magic — with fresh stories and perspectives from across the globe, heroes from the glory days, and that retro energy keeping the winter dream alive. Join the collective experience as the legacy continues.

Streaming virtually in November 2020, go to for more.”

“Keeshfile 20”

Video: “Keeshfile 20” Teaser by Keeshlife

“Keeshfile 20, a new Keesh mini-movie from the Austrian Alps and Finnish Lapland is coming soon…”

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort online!

“Zermatt to Verbier” – Faction Skis

Video: “Zermatt to Verbier” Teaser by Faction Skis

“The Faction Collective follow in the tracks of the mythic ‘Patrouille des Glaciers’ race, across the high alpine traverse linking Zermatt to Verbier. Along the way, this team of freeriders discover a unique alpine history and ski some of the most impressive peaks in the Alps.”

Releasetermin: 24. November 2020

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort online!


“STOKE is a movie about three Freeriders: Timm a 22 year old snowboarder and filmmaker who lost his best friend in a motorcycle accident, Manu: a Freeride professional who injured herself before the competition season on the Freeride World Tour and Alex, a dutch skier: who had to stop his life as a ski-bum living in a yellow caravan in the alps when covid-19 started.
We are shown deep insights about each characters way of dealing with their recent losses, fears and risks, as they emerge into crazy group-powder-descents witnessing what they would later call the “time of their lifes”.”