Es ist wieder so weit: Die neue Saison rückt näher und damit auch frisches Movie-Material. Hier sind alle Full Movie Trailer für den Winter 2021/2022.

Letztes Update: 13. Dezember 2021

Trotz Corona-Winter waren auch in der letzten Saison die Crews am Berg und in den Straßen dieser Welt unterwegs, um Shots für ihre neuen Filme zu sammeln. Hier sind die heißesten Heißmacher aus der ganzen Freeski-Welt.

Wir werden diesen Artikel immer wieder mit dem neuesten Material aktualisieren!

“From Source” (2021) – Yann Rausis

‘FROM SOURCE’ – Dropping this fall

“North of Now” (2021) – Sammy Carlson

“I constantly remind myself to stay in the moment. You have to look outside of your everyday to stay inspired. Skiing, boarding, surfing—it’s all fun to me.”

“Last winter, with borders shut down and no travel in sight, Sammy and filmmakers Brody Jones and Dann Leblanc hunkered down in British Columbia. As consistent storms blanketed the region, Sammy explored his storied backyard, floating through fresh snow and sending it deep off anything in his path. Far from sea level, Sammy found rhythm in the mountains inspired by the waves.

When winter receded, Sammy emerged with North of Now, a testament to the ebb and flow the Oregon native finds not only on his skis, but on his surfboard.

Pushed forward purely by his love of making turns, North of Now captures Sammy’s constant, driving momentum. His explosive-yet-controlled finesse on the gnarled faces and cascading pillow lines of British Columbia. And his unrivaled ability to distill the noise of his surroundings into a perfect harmony with every move his makes.”

Full length film releasing December 1st

“North of Now” ist ab sofort ONLINE!

“Peep the Game” (2021) – SLVSH

“PEEP THE GAME. The first full length ski film from The SLVSH.”

First part dropping Monday November 29th, 2021.

Featuring: Joss Christensen, Quinn Wolferman, Ferdinand Dahl, Vincent Gagnier, Oystein Braten, John Brown, James Woods, ABM and Ben Moxham.

“Home Lines” (2021) – Picture Organic Clothing

“Searching for adventure in your own backyard makes so much sense. Home Lines adjusts to this new paradigm, choosing to embark on a low impact expedition close to home. No moralizing or judgment implied, just a simple proposition, a yearning, an experience.”

An original idea by David Malacrida. Directed by YUCCA Films.
Executive Producer : BUG VISIONARIES.
Editor & Cinematography : YUCCA Films.
Staring Léo Taillefer, Jackie Paaso, Aurelien Lardy & Coline Ballet-Baz.

“Echo” (2021) – Alex Bellemare

“Coming off a decade traveling the world competing in events like Dew tour, X Games and the Olympics, Québec’s own Alex Bellemare spends a season focused on his first love, filming. Echo, is a visual tale following Alex Bellemare’s 2021 season revisiting his home province of Québec.”

Directed by Xavier Mayrand

“Echo” ist ab sofort online!.

“Fresh Squeezed” (2021) – Good Company


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Good Company (@goodcompanyski)

“Fresh Squeezed” ist ab sofort online!

“Tales From Cascadia” (2021) – Blank Collective

“From the Blank Collective comes a journey through a bioregion of volcanoes, watersheds and relentless coastal storms. This land is as diverse as its people, who hold a unifying identity of fun-seeking exploration.

ales from Cascadia follows the adventures, misadventures and relentless heckling of the Blank crew; Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, Anna Segal, Chris Rubens, Jordy Kidner, Josh Daiek, Lexi Dupont and friends. Six tales that evoke a higher perspective, a road less traveled, a never-ending winter frozen in time. It was an amazing year to ski the home mountains, one where everyone chalked up a story or two… These are our tales from Cascadia.”

“Tales from Cascadia” ist ab sofort online!

“Slim to None” (2021) – Keegan Killbride X Cam Willis

Available 2021 on Patreon and Vimeo on Demand

Shot by Cam Willis
Cut by Keegan Kilbride and Cam Willis

Keegan Kilbride
Chris Logan
Will Berman
Ben Smith
Seamus Flanagan
Birk Irving
Charlie Babcock

“Slim to None” ist ab sofort online erhältlich!

“Slav and Friends” (2021) – Simon Bartik

Slav and Friends is a two year video project about my ski adventures with some of my best friends. Full movie premieres at our event Freeski & SNB Premiere 24.9.2021 in Prague.

“Nothing New” (2021) – Level 1

“Nothing new” ist ab sofort online!

“Fuel” (2021) – OnSlaught Crew

“We did it again… the crew is proud to present our 6th movie to you!

FUEL continues our trilogy and is meant to keep the stoke flame burning, hopefully it sparks something that fuels more fire!”

“Wildcard” (2021) – Strictly

An all powder film from Strictly

“Wildcard” ist ab sofort online!

“August Light (Have a Nice Day)” (2021) – Strictly

1 of 3 Strictly films to be released this fall

World Premiere in Boulder, CO on Thursday, October 7

Free Online December 2021

“August Light” ist ab sofort online!

“Most Gutter” (2021) – Strictly

“An all street film from Strictly”

“Most Gutter” ist ab sofort online!

“Timeout” (2021) – monEpic

“Timeout, ein Kurzfilm von monEpic, erzählt die Geschichte von einem „Aussteiger“, der den Weg in die Natur gewählt hat und Roman Rohrmoser dem Freeskier und Biker, der sich ebenfalls in der Natur wohl fühlt. Beide haben jedoch unterschiedliche Hintergründe und sind dennoch gar nicht so verschieden.

Georg, der Almer, verbringt seit 65 Jahren den Sommer im Märzengrund auf 1800m. Roman Rohrmoser ist seit über 10 Jahren Skiprofi. Was die beiden verbindet? Es ist die Natur und deren Ruhe. Beide brauchen sie, um richtig abschalten zu können und um sich mit ihr sozusagen „zu connecten“. Georg geht es ruhiger an und sitzt auf seiner Alm vor der Hütte und genießt die Ruhe, während Roman da schon etwas mehr Action abseits der überfüllten Skipisten und Singletrails sucht.

Dass sich diese Wege dennoch kreuzen können und wie man die Skilines im Sommer mit dem Bike befährt, zeigt der Kurzfilm in einer feinen Mischung aus Action, Naturschauplätzen und dem Tiroler Schmäh.”

Den kompletten Movie könnt ihr im Rahmen der Alp-Con Cinema Tour zusammen mit weiteren Filmen sehen. Die große Premiere findet am 3. November 2021 im Metropol Kino in Innsbruck statt.

“Football” (2021) – Burrrlapz

“Skiing may be a sport of individuals, but when you have a legendary crew like the Burrrlapz, it feels anything but individual. It takes a team to produce a full movie, homemade or not, and that’s just what the Burrrlapz is; a group of individuals, brought together to make one solid team.

Football represents the return of the Burrrlapz, and they’re coming at you with one heck of an offensive line this time around. So grab your overpriced beer and nachos and find your seats, cause this is one Football game you won’t want to miss.”

Full movie dropping online on November 24th.

“Football” ist ab sofort online!

“YAKTV” (2021) – Entourage

“Our latest film, YAKTV is dropping for free online this Fall. But you already knew the vibes.”

“Connected” (2021) – Rosina Friedel / el.Makrell

The heart beats the same in our chest
we breathe the same air
are tightly connected
are all the same
on the same journey.

Three ski-women who might have never met if it wasn’t for their shared passion.

A film by el.Makrell to celebrate the connections that skiing brings to our lives.

Premiering october ’21 at HighFive Festival, Annecy

Rosina Friedel, Alice Michel, Stefanie Mössler

cinematography & cut.
Ludwig Hagelstein

Lucas Cairns

“Connected” ist ab sofort online!

“Slàinte” (2021) – Patrick Ring

“The teaser for my fourth full street part, “Slàinte”. This project was 100% filmed in my home state of Wisconsin. Filmed by: Gavin Rudy, Alex Havey, Jeremy Przybyla, and Owen Dahlberg.”

“Simply” (2021) – Laurent De Martin

Simply – A short one about skiing, Simply

Directed by Titouan Bessire
Produced by Laurent De Martin
Featuring the riding of : Laurent De Martin, Victor Daviet, Alex Chabod, Fred Couderc & Basile Bessire.

Tour dates coming soon.

“Simply” ist ab sofort online!


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Laurent De Martin (@laurentdm)

“The Stomping Ground” (2021) – Matchstick Productions

“For decades, the pursuit of adventure, deep powder and massive spines has taken professional skiers like Mark Abma and Michelle Parker to the far reaches of the globe. As skiers, the desire to seek more and to escape is ingrained in our DNA. But that doesn’t mean our immediate surroundings don’t possess their own special treasures. Presented by Toyota, Matchstick Productions brings to you their newest creation, THE STOMPING GROUNDS.

This action-packed feature explores the backyards and zones our pro skiers can frequent every day (sometimes with a little extra effort and ingenuity). From a “born-and-raised” resort in Idaho to the spectacular Lyngen Alps just outside their hometowns in northern Norway, our skiers thrive in what’s familiar and find thrills in the unexpected. In the process, they manage to re-discover what is “home.” And home delivers in spades.”

THE STOMPING GROUNDS features veterans and newcomers alike from the ski movie world;

Mark Abma, Rory Bushfield, McKenna Peterson, Michelle Parker, Karl Fostvedt, Tom Wallisch, Logan Pehota, Sam Kuch, Connery Lundin, Lucas Wachs, Banks GIlberti, Cole Richardson, Janelle Yip, Tonje Kvivik, Emil Childs, Adrien Grabinksi, Sam Cohen, Jay Rawe, Wing Tai Barrymore, Colby Stevenson, Hedvig Wessel, Nikolai Schirmer with Taylor Pratt, Lucy Sackbauer, Collin Collins and Trevor Semmens.

Shot On Location

Sun Valley, ID | Tahoe, CA, | Snowbird, UT | Park City, UT | Nelson, BC | Pemberton, BC | Terrace, BC | Northern Escape Heli Skiing | Tordrillos, AK | Norway

“Hoamspui” – (2021) – Bavarian Dudes

“Do is da Trailer zu „Hoamspui“
– unserem neusten Schmankerl des Hauses! 🍻
Ein Heimatfilm versüßt mit ein paar akrobatischen Ski und Snowboardmanövern hinterlegt mit heimatverbundener Musik aus der @subkuthan Schmiede ☺️
Riesen Dank an alle Fahrer, die den besonderen Winter so wunderschön trotz den Umständen gemacht haben! 🙏🏼❤️”

“Stoke the Fire” (2021) – TGR

“TGR’s 26th annual film release STOKE THE FIRE explores our athletes’ evolution within skiing and the pure joy that manifests from that process. The stoke means different things to different people based on where they are in their evolution. For some it is about committing to a new world, a lifestyle, and the friendships that blossom from that commitment. The choice to enter this world is a spark, and with every new experience the fire grows. With more knowledge comes more exploration, both physically and geographically, that helps to understand what those raw experiences connected with nature do for the soul. With more experience an examination of our shared history becomes important, and ultimately some of us might want to test our limits at the upper echelon of what is possible by drawing upon the sum of our knowledge and experiences. While the answers we find are different for everyone the pursuit of this evolution is something sacred, the pursuit is what stokes the fire.”

The worldwide tour for Stoke the Fire launches in September.

“Long Days” (2021) – Legs of Steel


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2021. Legs of Steel presents their 9th feature film, Long Days.

“It’s often been said, when you’re making a ski movie there are no short days. This season, a dedicated crew of skiers assembled and lived their days as the movie title suggests, long. Early starts and even later returns were on the schedule this winter – the film is a real time showcase of what these athletes are willing to go through in order to make a ski film, taking you closer to the action than ever before.”

Long Days will be available this fall on Red Bull TV.

Riders: Paddy Graham, Arianna Tricomi, Fabian Lentsch, Tom Ritsch, Ahmet Dadali, Coline Ballet-Baz, Dennis Ranalter, Konstantin Ottner & Daniel Bacher
Directed by: Fabian Hyden
Filmers: Fabi Hyden, Raphael Pöham, Julian Pintarelli, Alex Meliss, Markus Ascher, Jonas Schnurch & Valentin Walther
Photography by: Pally Learmond, Syo van Vliet & Florian Breitenberger
Locations: Austria, Montenegro, Italy

“Long Days” ist ab sofort online!

“Roots” (2021) – Faction Skis

The Faction Collective presents their 3rd feature film “ROOTS” in Co-Production with Red Bull Media House.

Coming Fall 2021.

“Roots” ist ab sofort online!

“Freehand” (2021) – Brady Perron / Level 1

Level 1 presents Freehand. Coming this fall.

“A short film featuring Jake Mageau, directed by Brady Perron. An unconventional piece from an unconventional year. Living in the same Salt Lake City neighborhood, Jake and Brady shot entirely within 30 minutes of their homes, forgoing travel to find inspiration close to home. The result is a piece that only they could have created – down to earth, accessible, creative and mind-blowing, all at once.”

“Freehand” ist ab sofort online!

“Good Luck” (2021) – Deviate Films

Torin Yater-Wallace und Jossi Wells setzen ihre Videoproduktion unter dem Label Deviate Films fort und veröffentlichen dieses Jahr einen neuen Streifen mit dem Titel “Good Luck”.

“Good Luck” ist ab sofort online!

“Big Mess of Homies” (2021)

“teaser for out street vid filmed around Maine this year with a whole bunch of friends”


and more! Catch it later this fall 🙂