“Freehand” – Jake Mageau Full Part 2021 by Brady Perron

Der X Games Real Ski Gewinner von 2020 ballert mit “Freehand” einen richtig guten Street Part raus, veredelt mit dem Filming sowie Cuts von Mastermind Brady Perron – Bombe!

Lust auf mehr? Checkt den Jake Mageau X Games Real Ski Part von 2020!

“An unconventional piece from an unconventional year. Leaving behind the arbitrary time constraints and lofty expectations of XGames Real Ski, last winter Jake skied for the love. Living in the same Salt Lake City neighborhood as Brady, they shot all year within 30 minutes of their homes, forgoing travel to find inspiration nearby. The result is a piece that only they could have created – down to earth, accessible, creative, and mind-blowing, all at once.”