Augen auf und Sound aufdrehen: Hier sind alle sehenswerten Freeski-Filmtrailer für die kommenden Full Movies der Wintersaison 2023/2024!

Das Ende des Sommers hat begonnen: Die ersten Filmtrailer für den neuen Winter sind da und hier findet ihr alle Teaser zu sehenswerten Projekten, egal ob Powder, Street oder Park. Let’s go!

Auf dieser Seite Einklappen

“Lake Effect” – Teton Gravity Research (TGR)

“Lake Effect is a two-year Michigan ski film highlighting the joys of backyard adventure, and the shifting perspective of Mike King a professional skier, who for a decade has only sought adventure from the peaks of mountain tops in the far reaches of the West. During the pandemic, Mike searched deep to redefine adventuring. This short film reminds us all that sometimes an epic adventure is right in front of you.”

Lake Effect premieres on December 21, 2023.

“Sensus” – The Bunch

“Amidst the mayhem of modern distractions, ‘SENSUS’ emerges from the void as a cinematic odyssey, probing our perception of the incomprehensible truths surrounding reality.

In the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, a group of hominid life forms sculpted by 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution have not only mastered the art of sliding on frozen water but have recently stumbled upon a swarm of profound and enigmatic technology.

This newfound discovery sparks a universal exploration, delving into the mysteries of existence and the astonishing chain of events that have led to this moment.
Exploring the interconnectedness of all things while intertwining the thrill of freeskiing with a contemplative look at the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

SENSUS is a voyage into the heart of mystery, a delicate unraveling of the intricate threads that bind us to this moment in time, and a compelling thrust towards the mysteries that stretch out, vast and untamed, beyond our understanding.”

Directed by @jnillagrams
Produced by @thepeyben & @skimanguy
Supported by @haglofs
Skiers @evelojna @skimanguy @thepeyben @emilgranbom @alexhackel @jnillagrams @dr.pippah @tiddahpants
DOP @lukabees
Original score by @hugoburvall
Additional music by @andreasestensen & @hebbemusic
Additional Drone by @dimi_fpv @joonasmattila
3D & Still photography by @alric.ljunghager
Graphic design by @evanvo_
Sound design by @hugoburvall & @andreasestensen
Color Grade by @jesperguldbrand
Editing by @jnillagrams
Microscopic footage by @andreasestensen
Sustainability by @levikammer

Der Film ist ab sofort auf als Video-on-Demand und zum Kauf verfügbar.

“Forre Movie 2” – Forre

Forre Movie 2” könnt ihr ab sofort hier kaufen (es lohnt sich), oder ihr wartet noch und schaut ihn euch zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt kostenlos auf YouTube an.

Update: Der Film steht ab sofort zum Kaufen bereit.

“Home Sick! Too Good To Leave” – Ski ForTheLove

“The ‘Ski For The Love’ crew is back for round 2. During a winter so deep that it was too deep to leave. Filmed on location in Tahoe, and as far away as South Lake Tahoe. It’s just another walk in the park in a terrible place from the boys. Featuring Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock, Alex ‘Shugz’ Dorszynski, Jed Kravitz and friends.”

Principle Cinematography and editing: Hazen Woolson

“Plug And Play” – Deviate Films

“Plug & Play is the fourth film offering from Deviate Films and The Lodge Inc. that follows Torin Yater-Wallace, Birk Irving, and the rest of the Deviate crew high and low from the backcountry of British Columbia to the frozen streets of Minnesota. Full film releases exclusively on Red Bull TV November 1st, 2023!”

Der Film ist ab sofort auf Red Bull TV kostenlos verfügbar.

“Cross Tyrol” – Mountain Tribe

“”Cross Tyrol” is a documentary of a ski traverse through the mountainous Austrian state of Tyrol. The Crew of Skiers chose to conquer the 520km distance and 43.000 vertical meters only relying on their feet and skilifts. The impressive alpine landscape poses some challenges for the crew of freeride skiers, who also seek out some spectacular freeride lines.
The route starts in the very east of the country leading them to the highest peaks, over stunning glaciers, through deep valleys and into lively ski resorts. Thus, they experience the strong contrasts between untouched nature and busy ski resorts.”

“Larry” – Chris Logan & Jonah Williams

“Teaser from my upcoming short film ‘LARRY’. Filmed during a two week trip with Jonah Williams in Idaho February 2023.”

Film & Edit: Sean Logan

Der Film ist ab sofort bei uns auf der Webseite kostenlos verfügbar.

“The Art of Recreation” – Sampo & LDM

“Created by Sampo Vallotton & Laurent De Martin, this unexpected short movie is a visual manifesto of their first winter with the new Simply. tools. This movie came together organically as they were surrounded by talented filmmakers and photographers whom they can proudly call friends.”

Der Film ist ab sofort bei uns auf der Webseite kostenlos verfügbar.

Gyalu-ri” – Steep skiing in the heart of the Indian Himalayas’ highest peaks

“In the heart of the highest peaks of the Indian Himalayas, three young big mountain skiers nurture a bold dream: to conquer the north face of Nun-Kun on skis. This majestic twin summit rises to over 7000 meters in altitude, with a dizzying 1600-meter descent at a 55-degree angle.

However, as their ascent progresses, the dream collides with the harsh reality of mountaineering. Poor management of their climbing permit forces them to make a difficult decision. Compelled to reconsider their initial route, they embark on a new direction, surpassing their initial expectations. These young individuals are in for an unexpected Indian adventure.

The film tells the story of an escape driven by the passion of youth, accomplishing great feats with a certain ambivalence. Through their quest and philosophy, this journey will open their eyes to a new purpose.”

“Weisswurst Express” – Berni Braun

“From dreamy glacier caves trough Japanese powder and back to my origins at Kaunertal. Winter season 2022-23 wasn’t that bad, if you knew where to look. Different facets of freeskiing mixed up with a hunt for Bavarian white sausage and other humorous elements.”

“Light in the Shadows” – Peak Performance

“”Light in the Shadows” zeigt Hedvig Wessel und Henrik Windstedt in Haines, Alaska. Im Film berichten sie darüber, welch große Inspiration Matilda Rapaport, eine der größten Namen im Freeskiing, die 2016 tragisch bei einem Lawinenunfall ums Leben kam, für sie war.

Für Hedvig war Matilda eine unglaubliche Motivation, sie war ihre größte Inspiration und einer der Hauptgründe für ihren Einstieg ins Freeriden. Henrik schätzte sie als Freundin und ebenso ihre Liebe zu den Bergen sowie ihr Fürsorge gegenüber den Menschen in ihrer Umgebung. “Light in the Shadows” zeigt die Schönheit des Skifahrens in Alaska und erklärt, wie wichtig Teamwork und Vertrauen sind und wie wichtig es ist, Vorbilder zu haben, die einen inspirieren und begleiten.”

Der Film ist ab sofort kostenlos bei uns auf der Website verfügbar.

“Terra Incognita” – Finlay Woods & Craig Murray

Filmed and edited by Finlay Woods.

“All Time” – Warren Miller

“Warren Miller’s ALL TIME is bringing 74 years of filmmaking reimagined to a theater near you this fall. And this season, it’s all about good turns and good snow on good hills with good people.

Celebrate the birth of ski towns like Sun Valley and Aspen, icons and innovators like the original hotdoggers, and the most outlandish locations ever skied. Then, catch up with Maine’s finest athlete of today, Donny Pelletier, and meet the next generation at Woodward Park City. Through it all, Jonny Moseley and special guests will share their own stories to bring us to this moment.”

“Hai, my name is..” – Taylor Brooke Lundquist

“The crew enters the lovely country of Japan in search of street rails, powder, good food and culture. With a cast from all over the world, coming together to share their passion for skiing and the connections it has brought them.”

Featuring Jennie- Lee Burmasson, Isabella Tvede- Jensen, Shiori Takahashi & Taylor Brooke Lundquist
Directed by Taylor Brooke Lundquist
Additional by filming by Nomad Video

“Mountain State 2.0” – Josh Daiek

“Redemption. In the end, that was the objective for Mountain State 2.0. That one line had gotten the best of us and there was no way we weren’t going back to give it another go. You know who had different plans? Mother nature, that’s who. She turned the snow faucet on full blast and pointed it straight at Nevada, stacking up snow in the mountains in record fashion. Did we get redemption? I guess you’ll have to watch to find out. Did we have some of the deepest days and ski some of the rowdiest lines we ever thought possible? You’re damn right we did.”

“Head Games” – Crew 22

“Make a ski movie they said. All you gotta worry about is skiing they said. In hindsight, maybe we should have known that there was a bit more to skiing than just skiing. But damn it if the head games didn’t hit hard this winter as we tackled the creation of our second film. From Junior Freeride World Championships and Kings & Queens of Corbett’s to classic Canadian terrain and teeing off in the Tetons, we stepped up to newer and bigger objectives while at the same time figuring out how to navigate the mental side of being a skier.

The full film, which promises even more heart-pounding action and captivating storytelling, will be released shortly after. Stay tuned!”

Featuring: Wyatt Gentry, Tucker Carr, Luke Gentry, Claire Mcpherson, Danny Garringer, Alexi Godbout, Stan Rey

“the draconians” – Clustr.Films

“Favret Sam joined Nikolai Schirmer at his home in the far north in Norway, to discover the secrets of narrow couloirs descended at full throttle, slopes that plunge straight down to the sea and days that push back the nights. “

“Magma 3” – Alex Hall & Hunter Hess

“MAGMA 3 full movie dropping this fall. It’s the best thing we’ve ever made. “

Der Film ist ab sofort bei uns auf der Webseite kostenlos verfügbar.

“Full Circle” – Level 1

A feature documentary from Level 1, coming to theaters Fall 2023. Find a screening near you and learn more at

“Faced with a traumatic injury that renders you permanently disabled, how would you reinvent yourself? In 2014, Trevor Kennison’s life was forever altered by a broken back – for worse and for better, in equal measures. Full Circle is both an unblinking examination of the challenges of life after spinal cord injury… and a celebration of the opportunity for growth that such a tragedy can present.”

Featuring Trevor Kennison and Barry Corbet. 

Der Film ist ab sofort auf Blu-Ray und als Video-On-Demand verfügbar.


“„Projection“ sorgt für „Lost Places“-Stimmung in bester Arthouse-Manier: Ein Team aus Skifahrern und Snowboardern frönt in den verlassenen Anlagen und Landschaften ehemaliger Skigebiete ihrem Spieltrieb. Subtil weist der Film auch auf drängende Themen wie Klimawandel und kapitalistische Ausbeutung hin.”

Ihr könnt den Film unter anderem im Rahmen der Freeride Filmfestival 2023 Tour im Kino auf der großen Leinwand sehen.

“Pogo, The Hidden Face Of Romania”

“In “Pogo,” skiers Loïc Isliker and Paul de Groot venture to Romania, driven by curiosity about a local skier’s unwavering love for his mountains. The journey transforms their perspective, revealing that the mountains’ magic lies not just in skiing but in the human connections they form.”

Director: Loïc Isliker
Co-Director: Paul de Groot
Editor: Loïc Isliker
Cinematography: Loïc Isliker Drone: Paul de Groot, Loïc Isliker and Martin Wallmen
Sound design: Casper Vlek
Music: Nick Lapien (Studio Bassoon)
Colorist: Davey A. Rietmeijer
Additional Cinematography: Paul de Groot and Silviu Naicu (A.K.A. Pusoc)

“VVX Reloaded” – VVX Productions

“A Revelstoke based ski film. World Premier in Revelstoke BC, October 7th. Premiering online Oct 17th.”

Der Full Movie “VVX Reloaded” ist jetzt online.

“Tuesday Morning” – variance

“Tuesday Morning a backcountry/urban project brought to you by variance. More details coming soon with full release and premiere.”

Skiing by: Aaron Durlester Brian Gardiner Ryan McElmon
Film/Edit by: Jack Benziger Lucas Herbert

“MTL 2” – Xavier Mayrand

“Back in the streets of MTL, we have another heater for you. Mat Dufresne, Phil Boily-Doucet & Paul Vieuxtemps risked it all in front of the lens of Xavier Mayrand in one of those rare cases where the sequel does outdo the original.”

“Free, in your body” – Dylan Siggers

“A personal video journal from the 2023 winter by Dylan Siggers.”

Coming October 21st.

“Water the Plants” – Joey Kraft

“An urban and backcountry film by Joey Kraft”

“Chronoception” – Picture Organic Clothing

“There are a thousand ways to tell a story. This one follows a different way of experiencing time, one that guides our protagonists all throughout the twenty-two day expedition in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Following in the footsteps of the country’s nomadic people and the ancient Silk Road, Thomas Delfino, Léa Klaue, and Aurélien Lardy embark on an adventure to one of the most remote and still unexplored places in Asia: the Kokshaal-Too Mountains.

This dream team, with support from legendary high-mountain guides Hélias Millerioux and Jean-Yves Fredriksen, find themselves thrown into a world where Time and Space appear to stand still.”

CHRONOCEPTION – A timeless ski & snowboard adventure in Kyrgyzstan

Film directed by Guillaume Broust based on an original idea by Thomas Delfino.
Produced by Picture
Riders: ThomasDelfino, Léa Klaue & Aurel Lardy Mountain guides : Jean Yves Fredrieksen & Helias Millerioux Filmers : Guillaume Broust & Pierre Frechou Photographer : Jeremy Bernard

Auf den kompletten Film müssen wir noch etwas warten, dafür haben wir eine exklusive Story über den Trip bei dem der Film entstanden ist auf unserer Webseite kostenlos online gestellt.

“Dream” – A Story about Kuura Koivisto

“‘Dream’ A story about Kuura Koivisto, Dropping this fall on the Armada Skis YouTube Channel.”

Directed by: Arttu Heikkinen

Update: Der komplette Film ist ab sofort kostenlos verfügbar!

“Daycare” – Line Skis

“Introducing Daycare, Official Teaser. A street skiing video by Will Wesson and Patrick Ring.”

Featuring: Will Wesson, Reagan Wallis, Patrick Ring, Kale Cimperman, Bennie Osnow, Andy Parry, Tucker Fitzsimons, Pete Koukov, Taylor Lundquist, Dasha Agafonova, Mitchell Brower, and Friends.

Premiering at Evo Salt Lake City, October 13th.

Update: Der Full Movie “Daycare” ist ab sofoert online!

“Here, hold my Kids” – Cody Townsend

“Coming soon: Two professional skiers, two new mothers, one sponsorship. A quirky documentary style film capturing the highs and lows of two women determined to succeed with side-splitting, hilarious moments.”

Starring: Elyse Saugstad, Jackie Paaso, Cody Townsend, Reine Barkered, Leanne Pelosi, Indiana Townsend & Tor Paaso.
A film written, directed, filmed and edited by: Adam Gendle, John Verity & Hersha Patel

Der Film ist ab sofort auf Red Bull TV verfügbar.

“Daydream” – Keep the LINE

“Keep the LINE was busy last season, creating another banger. From high alpine lines down to the streets & parks, keep your eye out for Daydream premiering this Fall! “

Daydream drops later this Fall. Stay tuned!

“Crescendo” – Good Company

“Early mornings, long days, and late nights. The Good Company crew spent the season shredding record breaking snowfall. Everyday searching out new spots, stacking blocks, and increasing our knowledge of the mountains around us. The full season of street and backcountry moments when compiled together is truly the “Crescendo” of an all time winter.”

Featuring the skiing of Colby Stevenson, Tom Wallisch, Maggie Voisin, Tucker Fitzsimons, Tim McChesney, Quinn Wolferman, Mac Forehand, Blake Wilson, Thayne Rich and many more!

Update: Der Full Movie “Crescendo” ist mittlerweile online!

“Fortune Hunters” – Blank Collective

“This winter, a fortune awaits.”

Featuring: Stan Rey / @stanrey Alexi Godbout / @alexigodbout_ Josh Daiek / @joshdaiek ABM / @abmskier Emma Patterson / @emmappat Jordy Kidner / @jordykidner Jess Hotter / @jesshotterski Aaron Blunck / @aaronblunck Jonathan Rollins / @jrollins01 Mali Noyes / @malinoyes Greg Hills / @_greghill_ Wyatt Gentry / @tetongunsligner Tucker Carr / @tucker_carr Tenra Katsuno / @tenra_katsuno123 Trevor Semmens / @trevski123

“Advice For Girls” – The Road West Traveled

“With a full female cast and crew, “Advice for Girls” puts a spotlight on the collective experience of women in the ski industry. The film highlights skiers across generations – from women who hold first descents to young skiers ready to make their mark on the slopes. Inspired by the poem “Advice for Girls” written by Addy Jacobsend, the film’s central message reminds women and girls that they are worthy of success, allowed to take up space, and valuable to their world. Alongside their ripping skiing, athletes will share the lessons they have learned through their experiences and pass advice on to the next generation of skiers.

“My hope is that both the poem and the film will help girls skip over some of the limiting beliefs imposed upon past generations of skiers and inspire them to show up as their truest selves,” says Jacobsend. Featuring an all-female cast and crew, Advice for Girls is a must-see ski film for any skiing enthusiast.” 

“Unified” – Head Skis Team Movie

“In HEAD Freeskiing’s inaugural feature-length film, “Unified,” the team explores the unifying bond around the sport we all cherish. From endless deep powder & staircases of heavenly pillows, to iconic spine filled peaks – this spirited & dynamic team takes you on a lighthearted journey through the 2023 season and the shared experiences that unite them. From Japan to Austria to Canada and beyond, watch the team’s season unfold, showcasing not only their remarkable skills & irreverent humour but the incredible places their skiing adventures take them.”

Featuring the HEAD Freeskiing team & family.

“Brap Ski 3” – Karl “Crazy” Fostvedt

“A film by Karl Fostvedt dropping November 6th. 2023″

Produced by Karl Fostvedt and Sophie Maltby
Filmed by Olin Wimberg, Jasper Newton, Axel Peterson, Jeff Wright, Karl Fostvedt, AJ Dakoulas, Nick Reedy, Wyatt Caldwell, Yancy Caldwell, Caleb Ely, Dan Gibeau
Edited by Karl Fostvedt
Color and Titles by Pierce Klinke
Featuring Karl Fostvedt, Thayne Rich, Chris Logan, Kai Van Bueren, McRae Williams, Lars Chickering-Ayers, Toby Rafford, Collin Collins, WingTai Barrymore, Nick Reedy, Harlan Collins, Smasher

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort kostenlos online verfügbar.

“Who is Sim” – Jonah Williams X Level 1

A video by Jonah Williams and Gavin Rudy Two beautiful souls operating in alignment from Japan to the Eastern Sierra. Featuring the skiing of Jonah plus a little splash of Ethan Swadburg, Tenra Katsuno, Jacob Callaghan, and Ken Kishimoto. Coming to a city near you this Fall via our Freeski Film Tour – online release to follow.

Produced by Level 1 in partnership with Rossignol and SCOTT
Additional cinematography by Sean Logan.

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort kostenlos online verfügbar.

“Get Burnt” – Entourage

“GET BURNT, a street and pow film dropping online in early November.”

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort konstenlos online verfügbar.

“Walk The Walk” – Jacob Wester

“Ski-touring, the act of ascending a mountain with the aim to ski down it, has been around for as long as skiing itself. Some see it as a workout, some as a way of enjoying a better lunchview. Others have discovered the potential to find untouched snow far from the lift lines, the noise pollution of helicopters and snowmobiles, and the rat race for powder snow. Follow the winter season of Jacob Wester and his friends as they dig deeper into the Norwegian mountains in the search for the ride of their lives.”

“Lemonade” – Dynastar X Level 1

“A Dynastar North American short film featuring rippers Sander Hadley, Alex Lundstrom, Dillon Flinders, Megan Dingman, and Anthony Carmola. This crew teamed up with Level 1 to bring each of their unique flavors to a film together. On-piste and off, these rippers worked their hearts out and put their bodies on the line to bring you something rowdy. Premiering around America via the Level 1 film tour, and coming to you digitally later this fall.”

Presented by Level 1.
Principal cinematography by Fred Norquist and Hennie Van Jaarsveld.

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort kostenlos online verfügbar.

“The Land of the Giants” – Matchstick Productions (MSP)

“The story of man vs. mountain is one that has captured our imaginations for centuries. But what if MSP flipped the script? What if, instead of focusing on the human element, we took a closer look at the mountains themselves?

That’s the premise of The Land of Giants, a new ski film that explores the most iconic mountains on Earth. From the Fjords of Norway to the spines of Alaska, we will get to know and understand the canvas that creates the most mind-melting moments in skiing. But most importantly, we’ll come to appreciate their sheer beauty and power.

Captured with revolutionary cinematography combined with genre bending music, The Land of Giants is not to be missed. The Land of Giants features the best skiers in the world, skiing unbelievable conditions and riding to the very edge and beyond. It’s a celebration of the natural world, and a reminder of the power of the human spirit.

It’s a film that will leave you awestruck, inspired, and humbled. Join us on this journey into The Land of Giants. The crew at Matchstick filmed in the most iconic and beautiful ranges skiers dream of.”

Our “Cast” of mountains are: Smoky Range, ID // Chilkat Range, AK // Niseko Range, Japan // Sierra Mountain Range, CA // Lyngen Alps, Norway // Wasatch Range, UT // Fitzsimmons Range, BC // Kitimat Range, BC The Land of Giants

Featuring: Mark Abma // Sammy Carlson // Logan Pehota // Tonje Kvivik // Nikolai Schirmer // Caite Zeliff // McKenna Peterson // John Collinson // Colby Stevenson // Janelle Yip // Sam Kuch // Ari Tricomi // Karl Fostvedt // Coline Ballet-Baz // Craig Murray // Emily Childs // Dennis Ranalter // Xander Guldman // Hedvig Wessel // Lucy Sackbauer // Stinius Skjøtskift // Gen Sasaki // Sam Cohen // Marcus Goguen

“Wind For Whistles” – Jake Mageau X Level 1

“The inimitable Jake Mageau syncs up with friend and Director Brady Perron for the third installment of their collaboration with Level 1: “Wind for Whistles”. The film unfolds a special place and time in freeskiing, a place where Mageau’s athleticism meets his artistry – where past meets present. From the eastern seaboard to the most north western locations, enjoy the camaraderie that is Wind for Whistles. Make some noise.”

Update: Der Film ist ab sofort kostenlos online verfügbar.

“Abstract” – Faction Collective

“Skiing is not art, and skiers are not artists. Unless, of course, skiing is art and skiers are artists? Faction’s fourth feature film exhibits pure creativity through a series of freeski sequences—from the vibrant streets of Japan, to the powdery pillows of British Columbia, to the finely-manicured terrain parks of Switzerland and Italy. Each location provides a blank canvas for the team’s artistic expression. Because nothing screams “artist” like sending large cliffs and grinding the side of buildings.”

Starring: Alex Hall, Koga Hoshino, Antti Ollila, Mac Forehand, Vasu Sojitra, Micah Evangelista, Sophia Rouches, Brooklyn Bell, Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin, Margaux Hackett, Giulia Tanno, Tim McChesney, Duncan Adams, Blake Wilson, Elias Syrjä, Kadi Gomis, Tormod Frostad, Matěj Švancer, Štěpán Hudeček, Gianni Biello, Dan Hanka, Dylan Deschamps


Coming Fall 2023

“Legend Has It” – Teton Gravity Research (TGR)

Besonders erwähnenswert aus deutschsprachiger Sicht: Der Österreicher Tom Ritsch ist bei dem neuen Film von TGR mit am Start!

“Ski lore is riddled with stories, sometimes of unknown origin, describing plausible but extraordinary past events. Often shared on chairlifts, the skintrack, or over a beer, these legendary tales, whether it be mythical storm cycles, heroic feats, or whispers of fantastical terrain, all contribute and shape our present experience. For 28 years Teton Gravity Research has been traveling the globe with the best athletes to the most incredible locations often based on this fabled history to uncover the experience…and sometimes creating legends of our own along the way.”

Featuring: Kai Jones, Ian McIntosh, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Griffin Post, Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Marcus Goguen, Jim Morrison, Christina Lustenberger, Colter Hinchliffe, Parkin Costain, Maggie Voisin, Jim Ryan, Jake Hopfinger, Jeremy Jones, Alex Armstrong, Simon Hillis, McRae Williams, Jake Hopfinger, WeiTien Ho, and more.

Locations: Alaska, British Columbia, Colorado, Jackson Hole, Palisades Tahoe, Pakistan, Patagonia