“Light in the Shadows” Full Movie – 2023 – Peak Performance

“Light in the Shadows” bietet neben großartigen Bildern mit Hedvig Wessel und Henrik Windstedt in Alaska eine emotionale Story über den Einfluss sowie das Leben von Matilda Rapaport, die 2016 in einer Lawine ums Leben kam.

“Proudly presenting ‘Light in the Shadows,’ featuring Hedvig Wessel and Henrik Windstedt in Haines, Alaska.

Matilda Rapaport, who tragically passed away in an avalanche accident in 2016, was one of the best-known faces of freeskiing. Her significance within the world of skiing cannot be overstated. Matilda was a huge inspiration for both Hedvig and Henrik. Hedvig found her inner freeride fire through Matilda, igniting her desire to explore. To Henrik, Matilda was the mountain-loving friend who cared for all. ‘Light in the Shadows’ delves into Alaska’s beauty, highlighting teamwork, trust, and the power of role models.”

Video: “Light in the Shadows” Teaser