“Walk the Walk” ist eine Video-Serie von Freeskier Jacob Wester, in der uns der Schwede einen tiefen Einblick in seine Abenteuer im Backcountry gibt – spannende Geschichten, hervorragend produziert.

Walk the Walk Stories Ep. 3

“Stortinden, Lyngen Alps, Northern Norway. An absolutely iconic peak, and one of the first mountains that catches ones eyes upon arrival in this majestic chain of mountains.

When Lovisa and Ebba visited in the middle of April, this region was hit by a strong high pressure, with high temperatures and quickly melting snow, making finding good skiing quite the challenge. On the first day of the trip, the crew went for the biggest mission they could find in search of powder, but it wouldn’t come without its obstacles, like making some of the most exposed turns of the winter above the thousand-meter Stortinden North face.”

Filming by Sofia and Jacob Wester
Additional footage by Lovisa Rosengren and Emil Granöö
Skiing by Jacob Wester, Lovisa Rosengren, Ebba Forsgren
Music by
Rival Consoles
Daniel Adams-Ray

Walk the Walk Stories Ep. 2

“When Sogndal-based snowboarder Calum Macintyre invited me to come ski the Ryssenipa South ramp in central Norway on a cold February day, I said yes without hesitation. He has a keen eye for spectacular lines, and this one is no exception. With over a thousand meters of vertical drop, most of which is spent above an absolute monster of a cliff wall, this hanging ramp is about as exposed as it gets – yet it turned out to be a very enjoyable experience!”

Drone filming by Sofia Wester Sjöberg
Skiing and snowboarding by Jacob Wester, Calum Macintyre, Even Melhus
Andrew Bird – Ellipses
Ben Howard – Esmeralda
Atlas – Hands

Walk the Walk Stories Ep. 1

“During one of the filming days for Walk The Walk, I was caught in an avalanche. Having skied professionally for two decades, this was the very first time it happened, despite countless hours navigating and skiing in avalanche terrain. This video is a behind-the-scenes look at what led up to the accident, the decision-making typically involved in our risk-assessment, the different types of risk-tolerance among backcountry skiers, and how I approach terrain and snowpack where I know there is an elevated risk for avalanches.

I hope it will shed some light on what happened and how it could have been prevented. I know I’m lucky to have made it out alive and well, and I’m well aware of the many other possible outcomes. Whenever you expose yourself to steep mountains with fresh snow, the danger of an avalanche always looms.”

Principal cinematography: Sofia Wester Sjöberg
Additional cinematography: Paul Norheim, Trygg Lindkjølen, Henrik Ulleland, Nikolai Schirmer
Skiing by: Jacob Wester, Trygg Lindkjølen, Henrik Ulleland, Emil Leenderts, Lars Storli
Music by: Weval, Jacob Wester