The Crap Attack 2022: Alle Folgen – Snowpark LAAX

LAAX enttäuscht auch 2022 nicht und gönnt uns eine weitere Saison die “Crap Attack” Videoserie aus dem Snowpark in der Schweiz.

Ep. 2

“The boys are out and about. The Crap Attack 2022 episode 2 is all about cruising through the parks, having a good time with the homies and filming some bangers! We’ve been collecting our favourite shots over the past few weeks, threw them in the blender and added a catchy soundtrack to make another smooth episode of The Crap Attack. Enjoy episode 2 and stay tuned for more!”

Riders: Fanda Horejsi, Michael Oravec, Kai Mahler, Daniel Loosli & Migi Reibenschuh
Video & Edit: Iliano Films
Music: Canon- Knocked Out & Ofrin – What You Gonna Do?

Ep. 1


“The Crap Attack is back for another season, bringing you the finest freeski action at Snowpark Laax! To kick things off in this new season, we follow LAAX rider Colin Wili in his daily routine – taking a few laps down P60 and catching air on the proline. Migi Reibenschuh & Kai Mahler join the session and add a bit of extra spice and style. To wrap things up, we shot some clips with World Champ Andri Ragettli early in the morning, making good use of that magical sunrise light!”

Film & edit: Frederick Iliano | Iliano Films
Music: Maculelê – Maitê Inaê & Ben Goldstein