Da sind sie wieder: Die Videos der “The Crap Attack” Webserie aus dem Snowpark LAAX gehören zu unseren Favoriten und auch 2024 gibt’s wieder regelmäßig neue Clips aus dem Park in der Schweiz.

The Crap Attack 2024 #2: LAAX OPEN

“For us at Snowpark Laax, January equals LAAX OPEN.
We put our main focus on the biggest event of the season and give it 100% to make it an unforgettable week.
This year’s LAAX OPEN was absolute madness!
Crap Attack filmer Nico managed to capture some behind the scenes shots with the Swiss Freeski team and put together the second episode of this seasons’ Crap Attack.”

Riders: Juan Bolinger, Nicola Bolinger, Colin Wili, Thierry Wili, Kim Gubser, Valentin Morel, Fabian Bösch, Nalu Nussbaum, Fadri Rhyner, Andri Ragettli, Elsa Sjöstedt, Anouk Andraska, Mathilde Gremaud, Sarah Hoefflin, Giulia Tanno & Michelle Rageth.

Filmed by: Nico Wehrli
Music by: Tormod Frostad

The Crap Attack 2024 #1

“The shred is on and with it the first crap attack of the 23/24 season comes out.

Nico Wehrli has once again brought together a considerable number of top-class shredders to show how to take the P60 apart and what tricks and style are all about! And how cool is it that the soundtrack is by none other than Tormod Frostad? Heavy shredder and also produces beats!!”

Riders: Migi Reibenschuh, Kevin Ruff, Nicola Bolinger, Monty Wright, Pascal Caduff, Nando Cathomas, Linus Deboss, Thierry Wili, Leano Di Giuliantonio, Joey van der Meer, Andrey Anufriev, Luca Schuler & Mike Rageth.

Filmed by: Nico Wehrli
Music by: Tormod Frostad