Auch diesen Winter gönnt uns der Snowpark LAAX regelmäßig fette Clips im Rahmen ihrer “Crap Attack” Video-Serie. Hier sind alle Folgen der Saison 2022/2023.

The Crap Attack 2023 #4 – Snowpark LAAX


“To all our friends riding skis: you thought we forgot about you when we dropped a crap show to hype y’all for winter? Well guess what… We saved a little something to get you stoked too…Temperatures are dropping and we’re craving snow badly! We can’t wait to get back to work and set up those parks…”

“For now, we’ll have to do with some shots from last season to keep us satisfied. But we’ll be back soon tho!”

Riders: Nicola Bolinger, Linus Bros, Fadri Rhyner, Pascal Caduff & Nando Cathomas
Video & edit: Nico Wehrli
Music: Tormod Frostad – Antyeat & Tormod Frostad – Bae

The Crap Attack 2023 #3 – Snowpark LAAX


“We wrapped up the season here in Laax and we’re missing the days in the park! At least, there’s still a bunch of quality clips we shot during the season to ease the pain. And if that’s what you’re looking for, you came to the right place.During the last few days of the season we gathered a crew of girls to shred our parks and stack a bunch of clips for an all new episode of The Crap Attack. Even though it hasn’t been a typical spring time, filled with sunshine and slush, the vibes were still high, the smiles were still big and every ray of sunshine was enjoyed to the max.”

Now hit play and enjoy the final episode of The Crap Attack for season 22/23.

Music: Long Ago – Carlo Onda | B3 (Summer Tape III) – Binary Digit
Riders: McKenna Brown, Alice Michel, Silvana Casus, Keira Devenoges, Rosina Friedel, Jennica Folkesson, Anouk Andraska
Video & Edit: Ludwig Hagelstein

The Crap Attack 2023 #2 – Snowpark LAAX


“We’ve been blessed with insanely good weather lately with temperatures that feel more like spring than winter. Don’t get us wrong thought, we’re not complaining! We still have snow, our park crew is motivated to keep the park fresh and the riders are ready to send! Spring shred is on, so the cam comes out and with that, the boys bring out the best of them.”

Brace yourself for over 6 minutes of the finest skiing on the Crap Sogn Gion.
Enjoy this new episode of The Crap Attack 2023!

Music: Yung AK – Sacrifice | Tilden Parc – Body Languag3 | Under Earth – In the Arms of Anger
Riders: Joey Van Der Meer, Kai Mahler, Colin Wili, Linus Bros, Migi Reibenschuh, Fanda Horejsi
Video & Edit: Nico Wehrli

The Crap Attack 2023 #1 – Snowpark LAAX


“The Crap Attack is back! We’re a little late with this one, but we wanted to wait until after the Laax Open madness to share this all new episode of The Crap Attack. A new season with new faces, some of which you’ve might have seen around in our parks. One thing’s for sure, you’ll see more of these young shredders in the future!”

“Now hit the play button and enjoy the first episode of The Crap Show 2023!”

Music: Dolo – Xavi Rusan | Watch Closely – ISO Indies
Riders: Nicola Bolinger, Juan Bolinger, Nalu Nussbaum, Linus Bros
Film & Edit: Nico Wehrli