“Kodama” – Powder Trip nach Japan mit der Headbud Crew

Kann es genug Powder Clips aus Japan geben? Auf gar keinen Fall! Die Headbud Crew versorgt uns mit frischem Stoff aus dem Tiefschnee-Paradies. Wir empfehlen dringend einen großen Screen und Headphones für das Video!

“There’s a mystical feeling in the white birch forests of Japan during a storm. The wind, the clouds, and the snow makes it seem like a different world. It’s common to feel a presence, like something must be just behind the next tree. Kodama. The tree ghosts.”

“A crew consisting of AR Fam skiers Josh Absenger and Luggi Brucic, along with filmer Fabi Hayden and photographer Sebastien (Bastl) Höllward headed to Hokkaido to immerse themselves in the famously deep snow and unique cultural charms of the Japanese mountains. Having known each other for 20 years, everyone was hyped to collaborate and shred in mountains near Kiroro Resort.”