“Atmosphere” – Josh Absenger Full Part 2021

Zurücklehnen und genießen: Josh Absenger präsentiert uns mit “Atmosphere” einen weiteren sehr nicen Full Part mit Park, BC Jumps und Powder Shots!

“In this shortfilm Josh Absenger shows the beautiful hills and mountains around his hometown.

The feeling of being outside creates this special atmosphere, and accompanied him since his first attempts on skis.
Through skiing and being in the mountains, Josh feels lively and gets this spirit, a kind of a life essence for him.
He loves every aspect of skiing, regardless powder, touring, or park skiing.

The calm film music by Sivan Talmor directs you straight into this atmosphere.
Thanks to family, friends, sponsors and all believers who love skiing and the outdoors.”

produced by Josh Absenger

filmed by
Fabi Hyden
Sebastian Hoellwart
Jakob Wallner
Johannes Rohrmoser
Dani Maurer
Luggi Brucic
Paul Klein
Lukas Eisl

filmcover by Sebastian Hoellwart
photo by Christoph Johann
filmed 2021 in Austria
song Sivan Talmor / flight with the inner bird