“Au Naturel” – Ein Backcountry Kurzfilm mit Cody Cirillo

In “Au Naturel” erkundet Cody Cirillo das Backcountry ohne die Hilfe von Liften, Snowmobilen oder Helikoptern und findet feinsten Powder, dicke Big Mountain Lines und baut ein paar BC Jumps. Sehr gemütlicher Kurzfilm, produziert von TGR!

“What happens when we ditch the ski lifts, snowmobiles, and helicopters? What’s the resulting relationship between ourselves and the places we recreate? In Aú Naturel, skier Cody Cirillo seeks to explore these questions through immersing himself in these wild places through foot-powered skiing. The journey takes him to unique locations, where he ultimately discovers the world’s elements in his own way. Featuring skiing in the deep powder of British Columbia, the lush forests of Mt. Baker, and the high peaks of the San Juans in Southern Colorado.”


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Ein Beitrag geteilt von Cody Cirillo (@codycir)