Armada Skis: Joint Efforts 2019/2020 – Mike Hornbeck x Hornbeck Williams Players

Mit der “Joint Efforts” Reihe gewährt uns Armada Skis einen tieferen Einblick in ihr Team und die Vision die sowohl der Skihersteller als auch die einzelnen Rider teilen.

Joint Efforts Vol. 3: Mike Hornbeck x Hornbeck Williams Players

“Skiing is a lifestyle… As cliche as it sounds, this season fully encompassed it. The mission would start before the sun was rising; dropping my son Eli off at daycare. Then I would pick Spencer up and drive into the city. We set out to create a piece that showcased skiing and the freestyle outerwear Armada created. Skiing like this is the best lifestyle I could ever ask for – Mike Hornbeck.”

Shot and Cut by Spencer Milbocker

Joint Efforts Vol. 2: “Nuance” – A film by Brady Perron about Phil Casabon

Phil Casabon and Brady Perron sync up on a poetic level to showcase their skillsets, perseverance, personalities and surroundings. An adaptation of the Jay Electronica and The Bullits’ short film “Fuir et se Cacher”, Nuance takes time to address the moods and cycles that perpetuates the duo’s mindset in the pursuit of their vision. The film is a package of attitudes built up and stripped down to bring you a telling story of street skiing, one where you are left to read between the lines while still having punch. Perron and Casabon linger between the harsh conditions, dream-like scenarios and creative gestures in hopes to bring their audience something new.”

Shot and edited by Brady Perron
Animations by Corey Ryan
Narration by Elisa Lasowski

Joint Efforts Vol. 1: Armada Team x Corey

“In the first episode of Armada’s Joint Efforts campaign, Corey Stanton worked with the whole AR team to create a tribute to an iconic collection of skis in the line-up: the ARV series.”