“A Few Steps From Home” – Kurzfilm mit Jochen Mesle und Max Kroneck

El Flamingo präsentiert uns mit “A Few Steps From Home” einen wunderbaren Kurzfilm über das simple und dennoch erfüllende Erlebnis einer mehrtägigen Tour zu einer Selbstversorgerhütte inklusive Skifahren – und das alles gar nicht weit weg von zu Hause.

“This is what we found just a few steps from home. (Make sure to switch on subtitles!)
A new El Flamingo ski movie with a simple idea: One long weekend, a small mountain hut, a warm stove, three friends. Even if the big cities of Munich and Innsbruck are almost in sight, wild mountain adventures can often be found right out the back door. In this film Joi Hoffmann, Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck share the love for their local mountains and the simple life you can find in the small huts up there.”

„I explored a lot around my hometown Innsbruck. And I am completely surprised that we found a corner where I have never been and how much potential it simply has for skiing.“ Joi Hoffmann

These days it is more important than ever to embrace the territory on your doorstep instead of dreaming of distant places. The film was shot a few days before the first Covid 19 lockdown in the alps in march 2020. After a premiere at this years virtual Banff Mountain Film Festival the film is now available online.