“Last Call” (Full Movie) – 2017 – Not So Local X La Gamique

Der letzte Full Movie der beiden kanadischen Street Crews Not So Local sowie La Gamique mit fetten Tricks in den Straßen Québecs!

“With the idea of leaving the french Canadian ski film industry with a relevant legacy, Not so Local & La Gamique, two of the most prominent local ski film productions, team up to bring “Last Call” to life. Featuring a stacked line up of riders, “Last Call” proves that it is still possible to make a full length ski film interesting for the masses. Raw urban skiing and Rock & Roll, for your viewing pleasure; the last ski film produced by the crews, “Last Call””

Alle Rider: Laurent Bilodeau, Nic Chenard, Eric Chenard, Vince Prevost, Sam Beauch, Alex Migli, LC Pilon, Martin Boulais, Jessy Desjardins, Alexis Cayer, Nicky Hartman, Dom Laporte, Jeremy Pancras, and Phil Gauchier.

A Film by LC Pilon & Laurent Bilodeau.
Principal Cinematography by LC Pilon, Laurent Bilodeau, and Alex Migli
Additional cinematography by Vince Prevost, Maxime Trudel, Chris Powers, Julien Eustache, Marc Andre Seguin, Alexandre Desjardins, Paul Dussault, Panpan, Melissa Coursol, Noe Provost, and Les Skurfs.

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