Das Finale der zweiten Jib League Saison fand dieses Jahr in Myrkdalen, Norwegen statt und hier sind alle Gewinner in der Übersicht, die Videos von den einzelnen Sessions – die wie immer hammerhart waren – und die Gesamtsieger der Saison!

“The skier who accumulates the most points from the entire season (s02 e01: Nordkette, Austria + s02 e02: Sugar Bowl, CA + s02 e03: Myrkdalen, Norway) will be crowned Jib League Season 2 Champion and have the honor of carving their own name into the Jib League Champions’ trophy which they will hold for a year until the next Champion is crowned.”

Jib League 2024 / Myrkdalen – Official Broadcast #1

“In the heart of the rugged Norwegian wilderness, where mountains kiss the sky and snow whispers tales of adventure, lies the legendary Myrkdalen. Here, beneath the pristine snow-capped peaks, the stage is set for a battle of epic proportions.

Eight fearless qualifiers, forged in the crucible of The Open, now stand amidst The League’s top gladiators on the precipice of greatness, ready to conquer the monstrous S rail that looms before them like a mythical beast of steel and slvsh.”

Jib League 2024 / Myrkdalen – Official Broadcast #2

“Alright alriiiiiiight the penultimate session for season 2 is upon us! As is the way with all things natural and/or otherwise, inspiration is born from what came before. The classic Klaus Shark Finne of season 1, named for the prodigal son of Myrkdalen Klaus Finne, meets an inspired knuckle as a tip of the hat to the inaugural Jib League Champion Mr. Butter-Never-Stutter JoooooooOOOOOOooona Kangas!

What comes from a blend of these two titans, the Raichu to your Pikachu, the Super to your Saiyan, the coco to your nut its… its… its… The KangKlaus Rock n’ Roller! Ferdinand”

Jib League 2024 / Myrkdalen – Official Broadcast #3

“For these 25 skiers, it’s been a long, gruelling season and right now is the final time to dive deep into the foundations of their motivation to find the strength, power, grit, determination to do what must be done for obtaining the honour to etching their name in the annals of freeski history, to prove their skill by adapting to whatever feature the Jib League Counsel appoints and to showcase their creativity, ability and awareness to the world. With every jib, carve or cork they defy gravity and dance with danger, driven by a primal urge to rise above the rest.

Ergebnisse Myrkdalen

Best Tricks:

  • S Rail Session
    • Jennie-Lee Burmansson
    • Trym Synde Andreassen
  • Knuckle Session
    • Anni Karava
    • Tormod Frostad
  • Wallride Session
    • Jennie-Lee Burmansson
    • Pierre Emile Rochat

Overall Session:

  • 1. Tormod Frostad
  • 2. Max Moffat
  • 3. Ferdinand Dahl

Ergebnisse Overall Season 2023/2024

Neben den Gewinnern der Session in Norwegen wurden in Myrkdalen auch die Preise für die gesamte Saison 2023/2024 vergeben und hier sind die Top 5 Fahrer:

  • 1. Tormod Frostad
  • 2. Mikkel BK (Mikkel Brusletto Kaupang)
  • 3. Martin Longhitano
  • 4. Max Moffat
  • 5. Ferdinand Dahl