Chasing a Rumor – Featured on Salomon TV

Wenn Cody Townsend auf Reisen geht um einem Geheimnis auf die Spur zu gehen, dann muss hier nicht lange herumgerdet werden. Viel Spaß reicht hier!!!


“In the middle of nowhere Nevada lies one of the most beautiful couloirs in the world. The couloir named “Terminal Cancer” has drawn people from all over the world to ski within its high walled confines and down its straight as a rule fall line. When Cody Townsend heard rumors of more Terminal Cancers lying deep in the hidden and remote confines of the Ruby Mountains, he joined Elyse Saugstad and Josh Daiek for a rendezvous with TC and then he and Josh set off on a 5 day mission snowmobiling, skinning, hiking and climbing on the hunt for more steep, narrow and aesthetic couloirs.”