“Born in Chamonix” (Full Movie) – 2018 – Armada Skis X Tof Henry

Gestern erst kam der großartige Trailer und heute ist der Full Movie da! Richtig guter Big Mountain Streifen mit dem Franzosen Tof Henry, geboren in Chamonix.

Der Trailer für “Born in Chamonix” hat uns bereits mit spektakulären Bildern beeindruckt und auch der Full Movie ist absolut sehenswert. Feinstes “Steep Skiing” aus Frankreich verpackt in einem hochwertig produzierten Film – und alles mal wieder for free im Internet. Mehr Infos über den Film sowie Bilder findet ihr weiter unten.

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Rider: Tof Henry
Produced & Directed by Daniel Ronnback
Editing, Color, Sound by Daniel Ronnback & Corey Stanton

“Born in Chamonix”

Karina Schwartznau verbrachte viel Zeit zusammen mit Tof Henry und hat für uns interessante Hintergrundinfos über das Projekt.

Tof Henry - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
Tof Henry – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck

“As a third generation Chamonaird, and no formal mountaineering experience in his family, Tof Henry spent his childhood curious of those who skied the surrounding 4000 meter peaks. Soon determined to be the fastest big mountain skier in the world, Tof transitioned all his energy towards skiing. Through the evolution of ski equipment and safety, mentorship by some of the most renowned big mountain skiers of our time, and a heart full of passion and drive, Tof develops an evolutionary vision for skiing the void.

Rider: Tof Henry - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
Rider: Tof Henry – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck

Born to the mountains of Chamonix and safety of the valley, Tof is faced with great loss and sadness following the death of mother and transition away from his family. Turning his energy towards his savor mother Aiguille Du Midi and passion for skiing, he brings light and happiness back into his life, and inspiration to pass his experience to his son.

I spent 2 years and in total 5 month in chamonix in the winter, and 3 month editing this project.

Tof Henry beim Aufstieg - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
Tof Henry beim Aufstieg … – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck

Nobudget movie production

Im super stoked on how it turned out. This is a nobudget movie production. So far i spent 9000€ from my own saved money to make it happend. Armada has Suported to ad one filmer when i havent been in chamomix.

So i spent 8 Month working with no payment at all. For me this is not about money, its about telling a story about the PURE passion for skiing, the evolution of steep skiing and the heritage of chamonix. A story about a young boy that hade everything and lost it all, and true skiing found his way back to life. Rasing his son and shering what he love.

... und bei der Abfahrt. Steep! - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
… und bei der Abfahrt. Steep! – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck

Some things that need to be noted during this film we never used any guides, we didnt get any help or suport from Chamonix or any one else, we only used droners and normal cameras to film it. Only helli we used was the lover part that we used it as a tour helli trip. Thats why we missed the upper part becouse we were not alowed to fly before 12, and they needed to start to ski it before becouse of the sun and heating temps.
ASwell Tof skied over 40 diferent lines in first track powder during this year, just that is impressive in one way.

Rider: Tof Henry - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
Rider: Tof Henry – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck

His ski performence is almost unreal! Its a foot powerd movie, built on passion, blood and love.”

Rider: Tof Henry - Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck
Rider: Tof Henry – Foto: Daniel Rönnbäck