Amer Sports kauft Armada Skis – Update mit Antworten von Armada Co-Founder Hans Smith

Amer Sports kauft Armada Skis
Amer Sports kauft Armada Skis

Heute morgen hat uns die Meldung erreicht, dass Armada Skis von dem Sportartikelhersteller Amer Sports für 4,1 Millionen US Dollar (ca. 3,7 Millionen €) gekauft wurde. Alle bisher gesicherten Infos.

Es war lange ruhig diesen Winter nach dem großen Wirbel um den Verkauf einiger Freeski Traditionsmarken wie K2, Ride, Line Skis und weitere Brands im Oktober 2016. Heute morgen trudelte nun die nächste große Nachricht in unsere Inbox: Armada Skis wurde für einen Preis von rund 3,7 Millionen Euro vom finnischen Sportartikelhersteller Amer Sports gekauft. Der Produzent hat bereits die Marken Atomic, Salomon, Arc’teryx sowie einige weitere Brands in seinem Portfolio.

Wir warten auf ein Statement von Armada und halten euch über neue Entwicklungen auf dem Laufenden.

Update (20:15 Uhr): Hier die Antwort von Armada Co-Founder Hans Smith auf unsere Fragen.

What was the reason for the acquisition?
“We were looking for a partner who could provide us the financial stability to make Armada sustainable for years to come, and Amer liked what they saw in our brand and product. So there was a mutual interest in coming together. We make really really good skis and outerwear, but no one’s accused us of being the most business savvy guys in the industry. Getting backing from Amer – with their expertise in manufacturing, finance and operations – gives us the business support to do what we do for a long time to come, only better than we have in the past.”

What changes to the company’s structure and product line can we expect from the aquisition?
“Amer acquired Armada because they’re fired up on Armada. Under Amer; the brand, product development, marketing and sales will operate independently. The brand doesn’t change. The gear we make doesn’t change – outside of potential product extensions. And our attitude doesn’t change.

Armada is only enhanced because of this new support from Amer – nothing that people love about the company is changing. We’ll keep developing great products, we’ll keep supporting athletes doing incredible things in skiing around the world and we’ll keep doing it all in a way that makes skiing fun. The only change is now we’re doing it with the solid financial backing of an outdoor-focused company in Amer.”

Hans Smith
Co-founder of Armada

Hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung von Amer Sports zum Kauf.

“Amer Sports acquires Armada, a US ski brand

Amer Sports Corporation acquires Armada, the iconic US ski brand, with annual net sales of approximately USD 10 million. The acquisition includes the Armada brand, Armada-branded products, as well as intellectual property and distribution rights. The transaction value is approximately USD 4.1 million, of which USD 2.5 million will be settled with cash. Armada will be integrated into Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment business unit.

“The acquisition enables us to further accelerate especially in the US market where Armada has a solid presence. Further, the acquisition is synergistic, as we have already in the past collaborated with Armada through a joint manufacturing arrangement. We’re pleased to welcome Armada into our portfolio of strong, well-positioned brands”, says Michael Schineis, President of Amer Sports Winter Sports Equipment.

The acquisition has no material impact on Amer Sports 2017 financial results.

For further information, please visit”