Nach seinen viralen Unrailistic Clips aus den letzten Jahren hat Jesper Tjäder nun mit den Challenge Rails ein komplettes Event auf die Beine gestellt und gewonnen hat ein bekannter Ex-Profi!

Was für ein Event und was für ein Comeback! Wir raten euch dringend das komplette Recap-Video anzuschauen, denn was bei dem Unrailistic 2023 an Action abging, ist wirklich sehenswert!

Unrailistic 2023: Official Recap

Text: Red Bull

Video: Unrailistic 2023 – Full Replay

The world’s best freeskiers put down a show on one of the toughest and creative slopestyle course ever seen. Straight out of Jesper Tjäder’s mind, the unique track was inspired from sketches and previous “Unrailistic” videos. The legend Andreas Håtveit makes a sensational comeback and wins the first competitionon he partakes in nine years!

The snowstorm chaos in Åre did not stop curious and stoked spectators from taking part in Red Bull Unrailistic and all the action at the Alpina National Arena. 21 of the world’s best freeskiers from 7 different ntions gathered in Åre to challenge slopestyle world champion Jesper Tjäder on rails rarely seen before and put on a real show.

The competition kicked off with a bang on Wednesday night with a Best Trick session. The skiers had to show risk-taking and creativity when they went completely free on the lower part of the track for 2×40 minutes. In the end it was the Swiss Valentin Morel who won on the men’s side with his right nose butter 270 pretzel 450 on the famous triple-S rail. The women’s winner – Scotland’s Kirsty Muir – also took the win by tackling the S-rail with a Lip on Blind 270.

During Thursday evening, the National Arena was once again filled with a roaring and excited crowd. The arena was boiling despite the cold weather and the spectacular show that Tjäder had guaranteed lived up to expectations.

The freeskiers then settled on the packed slopestyle course consisting of equal parts giant and technical obstacles. The riders covered up to eight different stages in just shy of 50 seconds, where the 12 meter high rainbow rail was definitely the highlight of the competition.

Norwegian legend Andreas Håtveit tackled the Unrailistic course in a pair of seven-year-old cracked ski boots. In addition, he realized that he was missing skis when he was going to Åre to participate in the competition – but luckily his old sponsor was able to send a pair at the last second. Despite that, he managed to deliver for the sickest run of the day, where all of the tricks he performed were done at the absolute highest level. Håtveit’s last competition was nine years ago, in 2014, when he participated in the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

On the women’s side, Mathilde Gremaud from Switzerland won against Kirsty Muir. On 28 of February 2023, Gremaud became the first freeskier to hold both the World and Olympic slopestyle championship titles after winning gold in both events.

Results Unrailistic 2023 – Men:

  • Andreas Håtveit – 86
  • Colby Stevenson – 77
  • Evan Mceachran – 76
  • Jesper Tjäder – 75
  • Hugo Burvall – 74
  • Mac Forehand – 71
  • Cody Laplante – 70
  • Valen:n Morel – 69
  • Max MoffaR – 68.50
  • Henrik Harlaut – 68
  • Alex Hall – 63
  • Hunter Henderson – 60
  • Emil Granbom – 59.50
  • Alex Hackel – 59
  • Oliver Magnusson – 57
  • Joel Magnusson – 50

Results Unrailistic 2023 – Women:

  • Mathilde Gremaud – 66
  • Kirsty Muir – 52