Die Pizza Crew ist zurück und startet mit einer weiteren legendären Folge in ihre mittlerweile 15. Saison. Alle Traveling Circus Folgen aus dem Winter 2022/2023.

LINE Traveling Circus 15.1 – The Wheel of Death

„The LINE Traveling Circus is officially back for its 15th season! Yeah, you read that right. Fifteen seasons down and many more to go!

You’ve seen the crew slide the moving box and backflip the moving jump, right? But, have you ever seen the Wheel of Death? Yeah, we didn’t think so, and if you’re wondering what the Wheel of Death is, well, frankly, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

From conquering the Wheel of Death to hot laps with a stacked crew at Brighton and Woodies, check out episode 15.1 and get stoked for another season of shenanigans. Thanks for watching the Traveling Circus ❤️.“

„Circle of Life, and Wheel of Death, we all live by it.“ -Andy Parry