Traveling Circus Season 13 (2020/2021) – Alle Episoden

Die kreativste Crew der Freeski Szene ist zurück mit der 13. Season ihrer überaus beliebten sowie erfolgreichen Video-Serie “Traveling Circus”. Hier gibt’s alle Folgen in der Übersicht!

LINE Traveling Circus 13.3 – Vandemic


“NEW VAN! In the Season 13 Finale, the crew masks up and hits the road in the brand new Van Bear Pig 2.0! The circus makes the rounds to the classic American summer ski spots – Copper Mountain, CO and Mount Hood, OR. Meanwhile, Andy’s #VanLife expertise lands him a new job in Portland building out sprinter vans. Perfect timing to have Andy practice his new skills adding a few amenities to the van.”

“Thanks to everyone who helped support our mission to get a new van on the road. Hope to see you soon at your home mountain! We’ll be the smelly guys living in the van next to the chairlift.” – LTC

LINE Traveling Circus 13.2 – “Isle of Raccoon Dogs”


“It’s not a raccoon, and not exactly a dog either…

On the brink of global pandemic, the crew assembles in the land of unlimited ramen for one last international hurrah. Deep pow, wet pow, ice pow, rails, walls and falls this ones got it all! Join Jarred McCarl, Dylan Siggers, Kevin Salonius, Will Wesson, and Andy Parry on the hunt for the legendary Tanuki and it’s fabled nut sack in the land of the rising sun.”

LINE Traveling Circus 13.2.5 – “Jah Fone – Bonusode”

“In early February 2020, covid cases were starting to show up on cruise ships, Japan was having one of their worst snow years on record and the TC crew had already booked a trip into the heart of it all. Luckily, the pandemic held off just long enough for them to film an episode, capture a bunch of ridiculous phone videos and return back home safely.”

LINE Traveling Circus 13.1 – “Cabin Fever”


“The world’s longest freestyle skiing web series returns for its thirteenth season! Yes, you read that right, the thirteenth season! In episode 13.1 the crew combats their Cabin Fever by escaping to, well, a Cabin, to build some features and do what they do best. PVC pipe sliding, log jibbing, tube swapping, and a trip to Urgent Care, the season 13 premiere features all of the classic Traveling Circus action that you know and love.”

Weitere Folgen der Crew um Andy Perry sowie Will Wesson findet ihr in unserem Traveling Circus Archiv!