“Salute” Full Movie – 2020 – Henrik Harlaut X Stept

Henrik Harlaut schenkt uns zu Weihnachten sein herausragendes 2-Jahresprojekt “Salute” und diesen Film muss man einfach gesehen haben, denn er ist auch zwei Jahren nach seiner Veröffentlichung einer der besten Movies seit sehr langer Zeit.

Das sagt Stept Productions über “Salute”

“Once in a blue moon there comes an athlete that changes the sport forever, a true legend. Tom Brady for football, Messi or Ronaldo for soccer, John John Florence for surfing, Nyjah Huston for skateboarding…. and Henrik Harlaut for freeskiing. SALUTE is a 2 year freeski movie project by the most iconic freeskier Henrik Harlaut alongside some of the World best freeskiers polished by the award winning production STEPT STUDIO. A world wide trip taking you to the best spots on the planet (From the Jackson Hole BC to the streets of Minnesota) and showcasing the dedication and unique lifestyle to understand Henrik’s dominance over nearly every discipline of the sport of freeskiing (from competition by becoming the most decorated Skier in the XGames’ history, to the driest streets and the deep powdery backcountry).

This is a SALUTE to Freeskiing.”

Skiing by Henrik Harlaut, Chris Logan, Karl Fostvedt, Jacob Wester, Clayton Vila, Cam Riley, Isaac Simhon, Noah Albaladejo, Oystein Bråten and Morten Grape

Produced by Stept Studios & Bug Visionaries
Directed by Isaac Sokol
Edited by Mattias Evangelista

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