Powderträumchen mit Dylan Siggers & Rob Heule

Super feiner Backcountry & Powder Clip mit den Line Skis Teamridern Dylan Siggers & Rob Heule!

Offizielle Beschreibung

„Dylan Siggers is classic in all comparisons to the label; his mannerisms, demeanor and general good nature are classically Canadian. His riding style, his versatility and ability to send are classically what a LINE pro is.

He helped in the development of the #LINEVision and wanted to show the world what they can do, in any condition good or bad. So he teamed up with filmer Jake Strassman and pulled some favors to get a hut trip together in Golden, BC and a few days ripping the in-bounds at Kicking Horse with Rob Heule to produce this blood pumping mini-film for us all to enjoy.“

Weitere Infos zu den neuen Line Skis 2019/2020 findet ihr in unserem Brandguide 2019 Artikel.


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Over the past 10 years, I’ve found myself pulled towards almost every different sub-genre of skiing. From blasting airs out of the ol‘ stunt ditch and competing against some of the most impressive & beautiful halfpipe skiers. To sliding down bumpy metal handrails in the city on chilly Winter nights, hauling around a van full of skis, shovels, lights, a couple video cameras, and good friends. Now, I find myself gravitating towards the backcountry, and a lifetime worth of mountains & terrain to explore. In search of the beautiful shapes and features mother nature sculpts every time it snows and the wind blows. No matter what tracks I choose to make, @thenorthface has believed in my vision for having fun on skis for the past 10 years, and continues to produce unreal outdoor gear for an incredible group of unique athletes, all of who I look up to constantly. Looking back at the past makes me incredibly excited for the FUTURE. #FUTURELIGHT 10/01/19

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