Line Skis Team X Windells 2023

Das Line Skis Team war beim Traditions-Camp Windells am Mount Hood zu Besuch und hat einen feinen Recap-Clip mit zurück gebracht.

“The crew was rolling deep for this summer’s Windells LINE Skis takeover week. Five sunny days lapping Timberline’s FTC parks, apres ski lake and river dips, dry slope jams, dodgeball, and more, the summer camp vibes were in full effect!”

Team: Alec Henderson, Alexa Juncaj, Dicky Thomas, Will Wesson, Taylor Lundquist, Patrick Ring, Konnor Ralph, Dasha Agafonova, Michael Nilan, Andy Parry, Mitchell Brower, Bennie Osnow, Mason Kennedy, Tucker Fitzsimons, Jed Waters, Liam Baxter, Leif Wilson

Film & Edit: Jake Strassman