Wie slided/grinded man Boxen

Stomp It Tutorials kommt mit einem weiteren äußerst hilfreichen Tutorial um die Ecke und zeigt euch dieses Mal, wie ihr erste Slides bzw. Grinds auf Boxen macht!

Offizielle Beschreibung

“In this beginner how to ski tutorial, we are going to show you how to grind or slide boxes and rails on skis. Specifically, I teach a beginner skier in front of the camera so you can see some common mistakes and the entire journey Roger went through as he was learning how to box slide on skis. We start the video by teaching the beginner skier how to 180 on skis so that he know how to rotate before trying sliding a box. I then show him how a good position should look like before he tries to box slide. As the video goes on I keep making it more difficult by making him jump onto the boxes from the side. At the end of the video he does a high and steep down box.”

01:00 Step 1 The Basics of Spinning
01:52 Step 2 How to 180 on skis
03:30 Step 3 The box slide position
05:00 Step 4 Box slide to switch on a beginner box
06:15 Step 5 Correcting the too early rotation
08:13 Step 6 Stepping onto the steep box
09:15 Step 7 Box slide a steep box
11:28 Step 8 Jumping on from the side
12:20 Step 9 Imagine the box is higher
13:30 Step 10 Box slide a high steep box

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