Tyrol Tuesdays Vol. 15

Feinster Eastcoast-Jib mit Conner Ross, Jon Fox, John Knopf & Friends!

“Huge thanks to Josh Faber, Jared Hochmuth, and Zach Nutt for this volume in particular. The setup wouldn’t have been possible without these guys! Another big thanks to all of the staff at Tyrol Basin for making yet another amazing season! Can’t wait to get back at it next season! Until then, enjoy this and the other volumes to get you stoked for whats to come.”

Filmed by Alex Havey, Zach Lastrilla, Ryan Ruffing, John Arendt, and Jared Hochmuth.
Edited by Alex Havey
Riders: Conner Ross, Jon Fox, John Knopf, Patrick Ring, Drew Patton, Paul Marik, Chris Johnson, Brad Wolff
Song by “Gypsy Caravan” by Wolfmother