„The Sacred Grounds“ Full Movie – 2021 – Kye Peterson

Kye Peterson haut mal wieder so richtig einen raus. „The Sacred Grounds“ ist ein heißer Anwärter auf den Big Mountain Film des Jahres – feine Aufnahmen und fette Lines inklusive Freestyle-Tricks!

Pursuing their dreams and putting professional skills and teamwork to the test, Kye Petersen, Callum Pettit and Matty Richard seek to turn time back and pioneer unexplored corners of the deep wilderness on skis in search.The Sacred Grounds short film series, presented by MARKER, takes the cast from their backyard of the southern Coast Range of BC, to the far reaches of the Northern BC/Alaska border, to the Japanese Alps, to the Columbia ranges of interior BC, to reaches of the Southern Chilcotins Mtns and beyond.

We are excited to share these adventures into undiscovered zones and ‘Sacred Grounds’ that hold the best possible terrain environment for displaying these riders passion for skiing. The mountains provide us with so many blessings but can also take it all away in an instant – for this respect is due, a life of dedication is needed, and a whole lot of effort is required, all of which is rewarded with the times of their lives when it all comes together.

Part 1 of the series takes us on a journey to a remote water locked cabin in an unexplored region of the South Coast of BC as well as through the backcountry skiing mecca known as the Sea To Sky Corridor [Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton], rediscovering the terrain that shaped these riders from youth.

We hope you enjoy the ride along on the journey into our Sacred Grounds.“

Directed by: Mike Henitiuk, Kye Petersen & Riley Leboe