“The Sacred Grounds” Full Movie – 2021/2023 – Kye Peterson – UPDATE –

Kye Peterson haut mal wieder so richtig einen raus. “The Sacred Grounds” ist ein heißer Anwärter auf den Big Mountain Film des Jahres – feine Aufnahmen und fette Lines inklusive Freestyle-Tricks!

Update vom 20. Dezember 2022: Part 2 ist ab sofort online!
Update vom 2. Februar 2023: Part 3 ist ab sofort online!
Update vom 3. April2023: Part 4 ist ab sofort online!

“Part 4 ‘Descension’ of the Sacred Grounds film series is stacked with the biggest spine lines and mid line tricks we’ve seen yet in this series, enormous landscapes unique to the southern coast mountains of BC and a narration with a fresh view on preserving adventure in hopes of concealing info of exact locations to leave unknowns for future generations to explore. Filmed over 3 days in the backcountry of Pemberton BC and Squamish valley on big walls and spine zones full of heavy sluff, steep runnels and a touch of exposer. Get ready, sit back and enjoy the ride into more Sacred Grounds.”

“Part 3 of the series takes us on an annual journey east from the coast mountains into the Selkirk mountains of interior BC. Here we visit one of the interior’s top pillow skiing destinations and explore new corners of a zone we’ve revisited for over a decade. Here we set up a basecamp in the serenity of the subalpine bowls and live amongst a deep storm to be close and ready to jump on the stacked pillows only minutes from camp.

We then change scenery by jumping on the opportunity to ski at the famous Mica heli ski lodge to the northern end of the Selkirk range. With more big storms pounding down and an all star cast, the crew sets up at the beautiful backcountry lodge with eyes set of the most classic lines that Mica is known for, most of which haven’t been repeated for over a decade. Thankfully despite the snow falling nearly non stop, the crew manages to ride all of which they set their goals towards, in some of the deepest snow possible. This ended up being the trip of a lifetime and a session that surely will go down in the history books.

Part 3 ‘Migration’ of the Sacred Grounds film series is quite possibly the heaviest riding we’ve seen yet in this series, wildest cinematography and the most uniquely featured terrain stacked with pillows, spines, and overhead blower powder. Get ready, sit back and enjoy the ride into more Sacred Grounds.”

Riders: Brin Alexander, Kye Petersen, Flo Golier, Callum Pettit, Logan Pehota, Ian Macintosh

Pursuing their dreams and putting professional skills and teamwork to the test, Kye Petersen, Callum Pettit and Matty Richard seek to turn time back and pioneer unexplored corners of the deep wilderness on skis in search.The Sacred Grounds short film series, presented by MARKER, takes the cast from their backyard of the southern Coast Range of BC, to the far reaches of the Northern BC/Alaska border, to the Japanese Alps, to the Columbia ranges of interior BC, to reaches of the Southern Chilcotins Mtns and beyond.

We are excited to share these adventures into undiscovered zones and ‘Sacred Grounds’ that hold the best possible terrain environment for displaying these riders passion for skiing. The mountains provide us with so many blessings but can also take it all away in an instant – for this respect is due, a life of dedication is needed, and a whole lot of effort is required, all of which is rewarded with the times of their lives when it all comes together.

Part 1 of the series takes us on a journey to a remote water locked cabin in an unexplored region of the South Coast of BC as well as through the backcountry skiing mecca known as the Sea To Sky Corridor [Squamish, Whistler & Pemberton], rediscovering the terrain that shaped these riders from youth.

We hope you enjoy the ride along on the journey into our Sacred Grounds.”

Directed by: Mike Henitiuk, Kye Petersen & Riley Leboe