“The Deep End” (Full Movie) – 2019 – Vishnu

12 Minute fette Street-Action aus dem Hause Vishnu Freeski!

Die Boys aus dem Vishnu Freeski Team haben es für “The Deep End” so richtig in den Straßen krachen lassen – 12 Minuten kompromisslose Urban-Action!

“The Deep End” (Full Movie) – 2019 – Vishnu

“We went all in last season: big trips, big builds, and big features. Even though we went to a Canadian hospital twice in three days and did a ton of shoveling, we had fun overall. This is our fifth team video and we hope you enjoy it.

We also hope that if it snows where you live, you take your skis and a shovel to a public park or something and build a jump. Or hit a park bench with your friends. It really is fun, we promise.” – Vishnu

Featuring: Dylan Manley, Luke Roberts, Dak Connole, Cal Carson, and Kysen Hall