Slav in America – Simon Bartik

Simon Bartiks Recap Video aus Amerika mit Stopps in Mammoth, Arapahoe Basin und den SuperUnknown XV Finals im Winter Park Resort. 8 Minuten Banger!

“For the first time in my life I left Europe and flew to the USA to ski in California and Colorado. I was invited for Level 1s Superunknown week but I wanted to stay longer, the only problem was me being alone for this adventure. Fortunately Canadien skier Jessy Desjardins, who I had known briefly from skiing in France in 2012, received invitation to SU too and he told me to join his crew for a ski roadtrip from Oregon through California, Nevada, Utah to Colorado and that was an offer that you cant refuse. Jessy, filmer Carlo Mion, Phil Gauchier, Phil Clairoux, Kevin Desjardins, another Euro boy Remco Kayser and me had an awesome time traveling through the States and skiing Mammoth. The guys were so kind to film me and they also let me use the footage for my edit. After west coast adventure we drove to Denver and later to Winter Park, where we joined Level 1 Productions for the Superunknown week. Epic snowpark, very friendly people, fun parties and awesome time overall, definitely dream come true. After the SU week I still had 10 extra days till my departure back to Europe, fortunately other finalists Sam Zahner and Calvin Barret helped me out and gave me a shelter in their home in Lake Dillon, Colorado. We skied resort Abasin, where I met my Czech friend Milan Formanek who lives in Boulder, and he followed us for a day while we were skiing around an awesome spring terrains doing backflips with a big group of friends. So my edit is basically to remember all the good times that I had, nothing too serious, just 3 parts of fun (at least for me, hopefully for you too). I feel so lucky to meet all these new people who took care of me and and that we became a good friends. I am forever grateful.

Thanks to Level 1, Mammoth Mountain and Snowpanic for this awesome trip.”

Filmed by Josh Berman, Jonny Durst (Airblaster), Carlo L. Mion, Daniel Kushnarevich, Ian Avery-Leaf, Evan Heath, Ethan Timmons, Milan Formanek.

Rider: Simon Bartik, Jessy Desjardins, Remco Kayser, Phil Gauchier, Phil Clairoux, Ethan Swadburg, Gavin Rudy, Mike Cappola, Sam Zahner.

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3.10.2018 Praha – @altenburg1964 – link v profilu Party + premiéra + freeski sraz / @t_kro Díky @armadaskiscz @snowpanic

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