Seeking Nirvana – Alle Videos der dritten Staffel


Mitten in der Saison startet die Seeking Nirvana Crew mit einer neuen Staffel ihrer großartigen Webserie. Hier sind alle bisher veröffentlichten Clips der dritten Saison.

Update vom 15. Oktober 2018: Die ganze Folge „Hard Nose The Highway“ ist online!

Ep. 2: „Hard Nose The Highway“

„The most Northern point of British Columbia is a locale all it’s own. Bigger mountains, greater forests and more blank spaces on the map. There is a reason they call the North the ‘Last Frontier.’ There are chapters yet to be written and stories to be told. Follow these 4 men as they embark on a road trip into the unknown searching out untapped mountains, bottomless powder and challenging terrain in a boundless wilderness.“

Ep. 1: „The Lost Craftsmen“

„A journey into Japan’s rich maker culture and legendary powdery winter. A look at the past, present and future of craftsmanship intertwined with the search for carving the perfect turn.“

Rider: Mike Henitiuk, Joe Schuster, Matt Margetts, Riley Leboe
Locations: Japan
Editing, Sound and Colour by Leigh Powis
Cinematography by Jamie Tanner
Narration by Colby James West, Jay Henitiuk

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