“ODA” Full Movie (2021) – Skilluminati

“ODA” ist ein großartiger Full Movie von der lettischen Crew Skilluminati. Neben fetten Street-Shots überzeugt dieser Streifen vor allem mit seinem Storytelling und einer außergewöhnlichen Cinematographie.

“ODA” is a third film from latvian film producers. Latest project brakes modern ski film trends with fantasy myth story blended with authentic skiing. Film revives “mountaineering” genre with “art house” synergy. Same as lyrical structured ancient Greek poem – ODA is satirical and serious at once. Praises an events and individual experience which comes with skiing and the circumstances that affect it. From ice age , skis has been an irreplaceable tool for humans,but due to global tendencies skiing has changed since then. Film authors heatedly stands for new ideas, taking the skiing to its latest point – urban skiing.

“#ODAMOVIE is mainly financed by private assets and technically supported by sponsors. All earnings will be invested in latvian future freeskiing scene.”


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