“Now or Never” Teaser – 2018 – Nadine Wallner

“Now or Never” liefert uns einen Einblick in das Leben der 2-fachen Freeride World Tour Gewinnerin aus Österreich Nadine Wallner.

“Following the slogan “Now or never”, Nadine Wallner, the two-time Freeride World Champion from Arlberg takes us on a journey through her life – impish, amusing, progressiv. Growing up in the “cradle of alpine skiing” she early started exploring her own limits: skipping school on Blue Bird days, driving policemen crazy – all for the powder. Her passion for “white splendor” is still burning. Back in the days it was the busy contest lines what excited Nadine, today it is the untouched cliffs of Arlberg, far away from spotlight – and more than that: new opportunities are being opened up in her home mountains.”

Im Kino könnt ihr den Streifen im Rahmen der Freeride Filmfestival Tour 2018.

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…tried to ESCAPE but I guess I CANNOT RESIST any longer! #awareness #reallife #skiing #nature #mountains #instaghost 👻 is now onLINE! 😜👌🏼

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