Will Wesson von der Traveling Circus Crew sollte mittlerweile jedem bekannt sein. Unter dem Namen RCFS hat er nun eine neue, äußerst kreative Videoserie gestartet.

RCFS Ep. 8: Good Evenings

“Slushy nights from May and June featuring:
Will Wesson, Gavin Rudy, Sam Zahner, Paul Marik, Kale Cimperman, Patrick Ring, Kevin Salonius, Cal Carson, Luke Obrien, John Klutsch, Mitchell Brower”

RCFS Ep. 7: To the end…

“Long after ski hills closed down, the cabin kept going strong. Plenty of new set ups/tricks from a wide cast of characters.”

Featuring Will Wesson, Mitchell Brower, Taylor Lundquist, Dasha Agafonova, Dylan Manley, Sam Zahner, Giray Dadali, Cal Carson, Patrick Ring, Kale Cimperman, Mark Pairitz, Max Gringas, Gavin Rudy, Kevin Salonius, and Paul Marik.

RCFS Ep. 6 – Early Season at the Cabin!

Low Tide to start off the 2021-2022 Season, but still plenty to ski on…

Featuring the riding of: Will Wesson, Porter Benson, Bennie Osnow, Shaggy Eells, Mitchell Brower, Graidan Christensen, Holden Atkinson, Kale Cimperman, Dakota Connole

RCFS Ep. 5

„Rick’s Center for Field Studies“ Short Movie

RCFS Ep. 4 – Spring Experiments!

“After a midwinter break, the crew is back at the cabin to kick off spring.

RCFS IV includes skiing by Will Wesson, Kale Cimperman, Gavin Rudy, Thomas Stone, and Dylan Manley.”

RCFS Ep. 3 – Tubes!

“LJ Strenio, Mitchell Brower, Will Wesson, Giray Dadali, Mike Carmazzi, Simon Knight, and Kale Cimperman build and session new tubes at the Wasatch Academy Cabin Snowpark.”

RCFS Ep. 2 – Wasatch Academy Snowpark

Video: “RCFS II | DIY Features at Wasatch Academy Snowpark”

“The second episode in the RCFS series features the skiing of Mitchell Brower, Kale Cimperman, and Will Wesson, as they get creative on DIY features at the Wasatch Academy Cabin Snowpark in December 2020.”

RCFS Ep. 1 – Eine neue Videoserie

Video: “RCFS | UNO – A New Video Series With Will Wesson”

“RCFS is a video series created by Will Wesson and friends to take their DIY setups to the next level.”

“Growing up, my home mountain never had the best setups, so we had to take matters into our own hands. The do-it-yourself attitude led me from the backyard into street skiing and now it’s come full circle with RCFS “- Wil Wesson


“Extra takes and bonus clips from the RCFS ‘UNO.'”