Level 1 Productions hat diese Saison eine Rail Jam Tour mit ordentlichen Preisen sowie fettem Preisgeld gestartet und hier findet ihr alle sehenswerten Recap Videos von den einzelnen Stopps.

Recap Videos

Hier sind alle mit Action voll gestopfte Recap Videos von der Level 1 Rail Jam Tour 2023.

Bear Mountain

“The FIFTH and FINAL stop of the Level 1 Rail Jam Tour closed off with a bang. Bear Mountain built a super gnarly setup, and the competitors complimented the difficult setup with some unmatched style and equally technical tricks. Sunny California was on our side this time around, boasting spring conditions, blue skies, and soft snow – a perfect environment for the athletes to throw down.

In the end, Keegan Kilbride took the W for the men, and Marion Balsamo took the W for the women. We are very happy to have brought a ski event to a predominantly snowboarding resort, and we are even more happy to have collectively given away $50,000 over the course of the whole tour to rail skiers! Big shoutout to everybody who was able to spectate in-person, or followed along remotely.

We’d like to thank all our partners who made it possible for this tour to take place: the brands who put up the money for prizing, and the resorts who worked their tails off to provide us with both killer setups and places to gather and build community. It takes a village to pull events off, and we’re proud and stoked to have worked with such amazing teams across the country to make all five of these happen.”


“The penultimate stop of the Level 1 Rail Jam Tour had hometown energy, fitting for our backyard of Eldora Mtn Resort. Flamingos were tossed, bodies got chucked, and cash got handed out. At the end of the day, Marion Balsamo and Tucker Fitzsimons took home the hardware.”

“Level 1’s fourth rail jam went down at Eldora on Saturday, March 4th, and LINE athletes Tucker Fitzsimons, Marion Balsamo, Jackson Karsteter, Liam Baxter, and Brain Gardiner showed up hungry for that cash prize! After Tucker and Marion took home the W’s for men and women, Jackson, Brian, and Marion hung around Eldora to stack some bangers on an extra day of filming. Check out ‘The LINE Up at Eldora’ to scope the full recap! “


“The third stop of our Rail Jam Tour was one for the books – big gaps big slams and banger tricks. A big thank you to Brighton Resort and their park crew for the amazing setup, a huge thank you to all the riders who came out and threw down, and a giant thank you to our sponsors who make the prize money possible. At the end of the day Ian Osby and Laura Sullivan walked away with $4,000 cash, but everyone walked away stoked.”


“Trollhaugen is a special place and we were stoked to run stop 2 of the Level 1 Rail Jam Tour here. Big thanks to everyone who came out to ride or spectate and made it an awesome time. Congrats to Jackson Karsteter and Audrey Friess for taking home the hardware!!”


“The Level 1 Rail Jam Tour first stop at Sugarbush went off! We were so stoked on the turnout from both spectators and athletes, and the action was BONKERS. Hit the recap to check it out, and pull up at one of the future stops to check it in person!

After a 50+ person qualies jam where we handed out two grand in cash, and a heater of a finals jam, Harald Hellstrom and Dasha Agofonava walked away with the hardware and a cool four bands each. Everyone threw down, and we were stoked to witness all the crazy action. Thanks to our sponsors who made the cash purse possible!”

Das sagt Level 1 über ihre Tour:

“For 23 years, Level 1 Productions has been at the forefront of documenting and supporting freeskiing. For the last 9 months, we’ve been hard at work on the next evolution of that legacy. In-person events in skiing are few and far between; spectator events in skiing are even harder to find; and open-entry events with legit prize money are all but gone. 

We’re tackling all three of those problems at once. Level 1 is extremely proud to announce our inaugural Level 1 Rail Jam Tour, presented by Goodr Sunglasses and supported by K2 SkisWells Lamont SnowLine SkisSOUNDBOKSBern Helmets, and J SkisEach event will have a $10,000 prize purse – $50,000 total over the course of the whole tour!

Spectator attendance is encouraged. We’ll have an MC announcing the action at each stop, and we’ll be running a FREE raffle for spectators giving away skis, goggles, sunglasses and more courtesy of our partners. Stay tuned to Level 1 social media channels for details on event start times and other info.”

Prizing breakdown:

  • $4,000 Men’s winner-take-all
  • $4,000 Women’s winner-take-all
  • $2,000 cash for tricks, handed out during the event