Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 169, 176, 182, 188cm
  • 136/110/128
  • 16.9m @ 169cm
  • 18.1m @ 176cm
  • 19.5m @ 182cm
  • 21.2m @ 188cm
  • 1.765g @ 169cm
  • 1.765g @ 176cm
  • 1.910g @ 182cm
  • 2.020g @ 188cm
Kern: Lite Core
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: All-Mountain, Touring

Weitere Infos

  • Lite Core
  • Lite Sidewalls
  • Lite Edge
  • Lite Base
  • Rubber Laminate
  • Quasitropic Fiberglass
  • High Definition Digital Printing
Preis (UVP): 749€

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J-Skis – The Slacker Range 2022

Text: JSkis

A lighter ski that also charges hard, making it the least nerdy touring ski in the world.

The Artwork – Chris Crossen X J Collab

One day I got this email from a highschool friend I haven’t spoken to in decades…

„What’s up brotha! Hope you and your fam are well. My Masterblasters are sweet, seeing bunch of awesome artist/graphics. Copying in my bro-in-law Chris who is an artist in Truckee, CA. He uses water colors. Website and IG below. – Brian Lavigne“

I clicked the links and hot damn! There were some really sick water color paintings, so I immediately reached out to Chris. Being a skier, he was super hyped for the opportunity to design a ski graphic so we got right to work. We schemed the vibe looking out over the fading horizon lines of the surrounding peaks on a crisp clear day in the Green Mountains of Vermont, or during summers at Mt. Hood and in the hills around Truckee where Chris lives.

Chris got to work capturing this vibe in his magic watercolors, painting a handfull of differnent ranges. Then Fank, our designer scanned them and digitally stacked them up the length of the ski. The lesson of this story is don’t ignore your email… or your friends!“😄

J-Skis – The Slacker 2022

“The Slacker” is an all-terrain freestyle ski designed with uphill efficiency, while maintaining the solid, intuitive downhill performance J skis are known for. Built with the backcountry in mind, its weight-conscious aspen core construction coupled with maple running over the edges gives it a light yet one-of-a-kind solid feel.

There’s a subtle tail notch in the tail for reliable skin tail clip retention making touring easy without looking like a skimo nerd. We also offer pre-cut Pomoca skins that fit perfectly and are ready to go touring right out of the box! Unlike others, the Slacker is at home ripping around the resort as it is out of bounds, leaving traditional uphill specific skis behind. Smash, surf, play and have more fun adventuring off the beaten path. Go earn ‘em!



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