Im Rahmen der Faction RAW Series Videos haben vier Athleten des Teams ihre ganz individuelle Sicht sowie ihren Style sowohl beim Riding als auch beim Editing in einem Clip verpackt und das Endresultat ist wirklich gut geworden – seht selbst.

Über die Faction RAW Series

“The RAW SERIES. A forum for our athletes’ unfiltered creative expression. There are no guidelines. The product of our athletes’ own unique visions; their inventive skiing styles; their choice of creative partners; and their direction in editing. The result is a series of short films that meld skiing innovation with artistry and depth of spirit. What would you create if you could break all the rules?”

Ep 4

“Koga Hoshino presents ‘MIND’ – concluding the first season of the RAW SERIES. In Niigata, Japan, he makes his hometown his outdoor workshop, hangout, and unrestricted space for creative expression. ‘MIND’ revisits familiar settings from the Japanese segment of Abstract: A Freeski Exhibition. In these snow-laden urban surroundings, Koga gives us a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in the energy of his craft, his crew, and his town, through his eyes.”

Starring Koga Hoshino

Produced by Tim Harty and Nobuyuki Takai
Filmed and edited by Yuki Murayama

Ep 3

“The third episode of the RAW SERIES. You’re in for a treat as Dylan Deschamps leads us into a slice of his life – endlessly ripping the features in his stomping grounds of Québec, Canada.”

Produced by Xavier Mayrand Filmed
Edited by Louis Lefebvre

Ep 2

“The second episode of the RAW SERIES. Astrid Cheylus and Alaïs Develay head out on a park and freeride spree across the natural and man-made features of La Clusaz, France. In partnership with La Clusaz.”

Produced by Tim Harty and Hanne Davis Filmed by Arthur Tillier, Axel Finell and Hugo Monmont
Edited by Axel Finell
Art Direction and Photography by Matteo Challe

Ep 1

“Launch into the first episode of the RAW SERIES. Sebi masters the art of thriving in any conditions in the Dolomites.”

Filmed and edited by Joi Hoffmann
Additional filming by Matthias Reich, Jonathan Leitner and Arianna Tricomi
Sound Design by Isobel Cope