“Cruise Control” (Full Movie) – 2019 – Good Company

“Cruise Control” ist der 2019er Full Movie aus dem Hause Good Company und bringt uns fette Backcountry-Freestyle-Action mit Tom Wallisch, Tim McChesney & Friends!

Offizielle Beschreibung

Tom Wallisch returns from his 2018 knee injury, intent on spending the season skiing powder in the backcountry. He enlists his former roommates, Tim McChesney and AJ Dakoulas to join him, and together the two skiers and filmer had one of the most fun seasons of their lives.”

Video: “Cruise Control” Behind the Scenes – Mirror Lake mit Tom Wallisch und Tim McChesney

“Take a look behind the scenes of the filming of Cruise Control by Good Company. Tom Wallisch and Tim Mchesney tee up a classic Utah jump in the Uintas. See all the hits on this epic jump and a behind the scenes discussion of what went into this late season session.”

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