“Common Language” – Eine europäische Crew auf Street-Mission in Polen

In “Common Language” gehen ein Däne, ein Schotte, ein Österreicher und ein Schweizer auf Street-Mission nach Polen und herausgekommen sind knapp 10 Minuten Banger aus den Straßen Ost-Europas.

“Four friends from four distinct countries joined together for a hectic street mission in the even more distinct country of Poland. Here they spent 9 long days and nights in search of snow, the best spots, and the heaviest clips for their project. With help from local friends, the crew got around language barriers, difficult weather, and Polish police trying to sabotage the mission. They ended up doing exactly what they came to do.”

A film by Jakob Ebskamp
Color by Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen

Featuring: Jakob Ebskamp, Chris McCormick, Christian Moser, Christian Gander