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Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 187cm
  • 125/133/120 @ 187cm
  • 50m @ 187cm
  • 2.250g @ 187cm
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride

Weitere Infos

  • Full Shape: 125tip/135cp/133waist/134cp/120tail
  • Tip - Waist - Tail Flex: 10 - 9 - 10
  • AR50 Sidewall
  • Caruba Core
  • EST Powder Rocker
  • Comp Series Base
  • 2.1 All Mountain Edge
  • Powder Specific Radius
Preis (UVP): 799,98€

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Armada Skis – ARG II 2022

Text: Armada Skis

The ultimate powder ski for epic days in the deepest snow.

The ARG II really has no equal. With its 133mm waist it’s float is unrivaled and the Reverse Sidecut and AR Powder Rocker make it turn on a dime in tight spots and trees.

It’s the most surfy, slashy ski we make and when the conditions are right it’ll change your perception of how you thought a true powder ski should perform.

We improved the rocker curvature of the original version for even better float and gave it an all new Poplar-Ash wood core and flex profile for added stability.

When it’s dumped so hard that you can’t even see out your window in the morning, it’s definitely a day for the ARG II.

About the Armada Skis Zero Collection

A program rooted in Armada’s founding principles, Zero is our Innovation Lab. Serving as the incubator for athlete ideas, Zero provides us with the freedom to just create. The driver behind this collection is the very reason Armada exists: to best serve our athletes and challenge industry standards.

From helping Tof Henry design skis to redefine bigh-mountain skiing, to eliminating any risk of hang-ups for BDog in his new edgeless model, Zero is uncompromising. Our athletes and in-house team are excited to bring these ideas and experiences to a wider audience.

About Armada Skis

Armada was born from the inspiration of athletes who redefined what skiing would become. The driving principle behind our first skis has never faded and continues to drive the innovation and development of our skis today. Skiers keep pushing the envelope of performance, so we’ll keep building the skis that let them turn their creative vision into reality.



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