“A Love Letter To Hokkaido” – Legs of Steel

Zurücklehnen und genießen: Dieser Clip der Legs Of Steel Crew mit Tom Ritsch, Øystein Bråten, Hidemitsu Okada & Paddy Graham vor der Linse zeigt uns die ruhige und friedvolle Seite vom Powder Skifahren in Japan – ein Liebesbrief an Hokkaido.

“A yearly migration of skiers bring fun, laughter and chaos to the island. In stark contrast, this group of powder hounds are in search of tranquility and peace within the sacred forests. This is a love letter to Hokkaido.”

Directed & filmed by Andre Nutini
Featuring Tom Ritsch, Øystein Bråten, Hidemitsu Okada & Paddy Graham
Spoken by Asuka Black

ラブレター (love letter)

Hokkaido – the northernmost prefecture

“A place like no other.
Home to a seasonal pilgrimage.
It’s in these mountains,
That winter bares its soul.
Those who journey through this land,
Will truly know what it is to be free.
And that is the magic of Hokkaido.
In this new setting,
Like minds immerse themselves in the culture.
Making new friends along the way.
It’s in the shared experience,
All great adventures take shape.
Some say that perfection is beyond reach.
But maybe they just haven’t been here.”