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Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 172, 182cm
  • 128/98/128 @ 185cm
  • 19.5m @ 185cm
Kern: Holzkern
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Park

Weitere Infos

  • True Twin-Tip
  • Tip & Tail Rocker
  • Camber Underfoot
Preis (UVP): 499€

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RMU – Rippah 2022

Text: RMU

A core freestyle ski, from its construction to its shape, the Rippah embodies an instrument designed for creative expression. A lightweight poplar core provides the platform for low swing-weight and playfulness.

Responsive flex while burly construction holds up to over-flexing, hitting rails and the occasional concrete wall ride.

RMU Wood Construction
RMU Wood Construction

About RMU

We are skiers.
We are mountain bikers.
We are a mountain company.

There is a Often, this seems to be the natural progression for many skiers, as they begin to move beyond the individualized passion for the sport, and become engaged in the behind-the-scenes; more interested in the products themselves, how they are put together, and the technology behind them.

Our goal from the start was not to start an international company; little did we know the extent of the lessons that the industry had in store for us.

Rather, our goal from the beginning, as skiers, was simply to understand more about the industry,skis, skiing, and design for our own purposes.

Just like every skier we wanted to know more about the process so we began researching the process, equipment, and materials necessary with the same passion that we had previously brought to the table when researching new lines to ski, snow conditions, and weather patterns.

We’d love to tell you that our skis were amazing right from the first pair off the press-but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The first pair we pressed we could not even ski on. The flex was way off, the shape was a little asymmetrical… knowing what we know now, even if we had been able to mount it, there wasn’t enough fiberglass in the ski to retain the bindings!

This was the challenge we had been looking for; we now had a starting point.

So we picked up some wood charts, reworked our flex patterns, and built another pair. This one was skiable… or at least, it looked to be. The tuning equipment we were using in the garage those days wasn’t state of the art, but the ski itself had a decent flex, the right amount of binding retention, and it looked almost like a real ski (except for the wooden sidewalls and cloth graphic).

After a week or two of skiing this pair, we were eager to try again, make new improvements, and implement what we had learned. As long-time locals to Summit County, it was only a matter of time until our friends became interested and wanted to try our ridiculous skis. This process continued for what must have been 15 pairs of skis before we got our first inquiry call.

“Hey, I have been looking for someone to make me a pair of 176 underfoot pure powder sticks and I heard you guys had a press down in your basement.”

Not understanding at the time what we were embarking on, we offered to build the pair for 30 beers and the cost of materials. Before we knew it, we had built about 50 pairs of what we’re slowly starting to become decent skis for friends at a price range of 30 beers to a couple hundred bucks… and the word was out.

If you need something built, go see the rocky mountain underground guys. The name was given to us literally because we were pressing skis underground in the rocky mountains, not because we had some well thought out business plan and branding.

Carbon Neutral 2025

RMU is more than just a mountain culture company, we have a shared vision and passion for the environment and the mountains we love so dearly. We want to create a shared legacy where we protect and nurture the natural environment for many years to come. Because we want our children to still be able to enjoy ripping up the slopes when we’re gone.

With this in mind, RMU created a ‘Carbon Neutral 2025’ pledge to our customer base and all our stakeholders. We ratified this pledge with a signed document outlining the climate goals we will strive to meet over the next 5 years.

We aim to be totally carbon neutral come 2025, if not sooner.

We’ve split out our carbon neutral objectives into 4 main focus areas:

  • 1. Carbon Neutrality
  • 2. Plastic Free/Zero Waste
  • 3. Locally Sourced
  • 4. Employee/Stakeholder Initiatives



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