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Modelljahr: 2023

  • Nia Pro 105
  • Saba Pro 107
  • Saba Pro 117
Längen: 167, 177, 187cm
  • 137/107/127
  • 17m @ 167cm
  • 20m @ 177cm
  • 23m @ 187cm
Kern: Holzkern
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride, All-Mountain

Weitere Infos

  • Reflective Rocker

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Icelantic – Saba Pro 107 2023

Text: Icelantic Skis

We will continue to offer the Saba Pro 107 in the 22/23 season to compliment the Saba Pro 117. With a narrower platform, the Saba Pro 107 will be quicker edge to edge, creating a more versatile ski that you can ski everyday!

The Saba Pro was designed alongside the Nia Pro—Unlike other pro models out there, our Saba + Nia have been designed as part of collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world. They took on full creative control with shape, flex, artwork, and construction while designing the ski of their dreams.

Saba + Nia Pro Collab

The Saba and Nia are two freeride skis designed around the lucky number, seven. Unlike other pro models out there, the Saba and Nia were designed as a, collaborative effort with all of our athletes from around the world. They took on full, creative control with shape, flex, artwork and construction while designing the ski, of their dreams.

The Saba and Nia feature Icelantic’s Reflective Rocker profile. Reflective Rocker is, a full rocker profile that mirrors the sidecut radius, creating a ski that is both playful, and surfy when skiing flat, while still allowing the skier to engage the entire edge, providing the power to charge and carve the ski when needed. Designed with a, long, gradual rocker profile and a balanced flex, the Saba and Nia are stiff enough, to minimize chatter, while providing the skier a solid platform to stomp landings, without wheeling out.

Let’s just say, you’ll feel real LUCKY when you get on a pair.


Every one of Icelantic’s Bombproof skis are handmade in Denver, Colorado, USA, utilizing the highest quality materials. Located half an hour from Icelantic HQ,, the Never Summer Factory has been home to Icelantic’s manufacturing for, over 10 years, continuing to produce top-of-the-line skis that are backed by, the industry’s most comprehensive No-Questions-Asked 3-Year Warranty.

Icelantic Ski Construction
Icelantic Ski Construction

Artwork by Parr

Travis Parr, known as “PARR” by those who know his work, has created every, topsheet for Icelantic since Day One. Having grown up in Evergreen, Colorado,, Parr is an avid backcountry skier & snowboarder, woodsman, and pathfinder, with a great appreciation for the outdoors.

After graduating from Laguna College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s, Degree in Fine Art, he returned to his hometown of Evergreen to launch and, establish Icelantic Skis, where he has acted as Co-Founder and Art Director, for the past 15 years. Transcending form and evoking passion, his work has, been featured in galleries, commercial spaces, and entertainment venues all, around the world. He currently resides in Laguna Beach with his family.



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