Gone Tomorrow // Skiing South Korea

Ulleung-Do. A name that few people have ever heard, and rightfully so. Not quite Korea, and not quite Japan, this tiny island exists far from the public view and even further from the rational understanding of what a ski trip should be. Technically it’s South Korea. Four hours by boat and endless stomach churning seas separate this volcanic anomaly from any other landmass. Smack dab in the middle of the Sea of Japan, this is the birthplace for the storms that create the now infamous ‘Japan-uary’ snowfall that skiers and snowboarders from all over the world seek out.

Here at the source, storms materialize without warning and have been known to deposit up to two meters of snow in a 24-hour period on the slopes that rise a thousand meters directly out of the blue waters before tumbling back down into an ancient volcanic crater. Essentially a powder paradise perched on a nearly private island and home to a grand total of four skiers. All of whom have roots running five generations back on the island. They sounded like they could use some company and after an invitation to join it seemed like it would be rude not to join them, no?