Modelljahr: 2022

  • Dictator 1.0
  • Dictator 2.0
  • Dictator 3.0
  • Dictator 4.0
  • Dictator 1.0X
  • Dictator 2.0X
  • Dictator 3.0X
  • Dictator FG 1.0
  • Dictator FG 2.0
Längen: 179, 185, 191cm
  • 141/116/131
  • 23m @ 185cm
  • 4.200g @ 185cm
Kern: Poplar Core
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride

Weitere Infos

  • Dual Span Titanal
  • Freeride Flat Tail
  • Elliptical Sidecut
  • XL 2.5mm Edges
  • Surf Zones
  • Full Strength Sidewall
  • Anti-Chip Tip and Tail Cap
  • Scratch Resistant Topsheet
Preis (UVP): 729€

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Faction Skis – Dictator 4.0 2022

Text: Faction Skis

The re-designed Dictator 4.0 is built to negotiate sharky terrain on 50-degree slopes and to send gargantuan airs into bottomless pow. Two layers of Metal keep you locked in and in control as you blast down the hill.

The 116 mm waist provides a boat-load of float in the deep and chop, as well as a girthy platform for stomping those big airs. Ride the Metal. Reign supreme.

Now made in Austria with the highest quality construction and materials the industry has to offer.

Faction Skis Dictator Series

Imagine your classic freeride flat-tail rebooted into the 21st century — there you have the Dictator. Designed with poplar cores reinforced by two burly sheets of Metal, the Dictator Series is built for fast, furious per formance. Beyond the skis’ rock-steady stability and edge hold, a healthy dose of tip and tail rocker allows for Mach 10 crud-busting and enhanced float in sof t-snow conditions.

Additionally, our Elliptical sidecut design allows for surprisingly nimble, no-hook handling. Per fect for that elusive couloir and for arcing turns on formidable mountain faces, the Dictator Series is for those who want to push themselves right to the brink of their limits. Say it once, and say it loud:




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