Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 153,163,171,179,184cm
  • 129/100/114 @ 153cm
  • 130/100/115 @ 163cm
  • 131/100/116 @ 171cm
  • 132/100/117 @ 179cm
  • 133/100/118 @ 184cm
  • 15m ø
  • 1.170g @ 153cm
  • 1.280g @ 163cm
  • 1.370g @ 171cm
  • 1.480g @ 179cm
  • 1.550g @ 184cm
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: All-Mountain, Touring

Weitere Infos

  • Shape: RP
  • Konstruktion: Pagoda Tour
Preis (UVP): 1299€

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DPS – Pagoda Tour 100 RP 2022

Text: DPS

The narrow couloir you spy in the corner of your front window has stabilized after a recent storm, the only thing standing in your way is the dreadfully long approach. Fear not, the lightweight Pagoda Tour construction will leave your legs fresh for the thrilling descent you’ve been waiting all too long to enjoy. Your time has come. With its unique rocker profile, the playful and floaty 100 RP is now available in a tour-specific offering, specifically optimized for the full range of backcountry conditions you might encounter.

DPS Pagoda Tour

Experience a level of downhill performance that has never been available in a ski this lightweight.

DPS Pagoda Tour Construction
DPS Pagoda Tour Construction

The key to Pagoda Tour’s performance is both in the choice of materials and how they are layered. By mating DPS’ proprietary carbon laminate with a combination of ash and paulownia woods, and a purpose-built aerospace grade foam – that features incredible physical properties at minimal weight – a special alchemy emerges. The result is a distinct combination of power, energy, and dampness that rivals front-side oriented skis at classic touring weights.

  • Binding reinforcement
  • Textured polyamide top
  • New full carbon laminate
  • Aerospace grade foam
  • Ash wood
  • Paulownia wood
  • One-part sidewall
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges
  • World Cup race base

About the DPS RP Shape

RP is a unique style of shaping pioneered by DPS. With a 15m radius, close to that of a slalom ski, they quickly roll from edge-to-edge to make tight turns when needed – such as when the person in front of you makes a sudden change of direction, or a tree approaches far quicker than expected. Historically, skis with a 15m radius have been really short, which comes with a lack of stability at higher speeds. To add needed stability, rockered tips and tails were added to the equation. The coupling of these contrasting attributes results in a very intuitive shape that enhances nimbleness, while providing the float needed to plane atop fresh powder and chop.



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