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Modelljahr: 2022

Längen: 158,168,178,184,189cm
  • 138/112/122 @ 158cm
  • 139/112/124 @ 168cm
  • 140/112/125 @ 178cm
  • 140/112/127 @ 184cm
  • 141/112/129 @ 189cm
  • 15m ø
  • 1.505g @ 158cm
  • 1.670g @ 168cm
  • 1.825g @ 178cm
  • 1.920g @ 184cm
  • 2.080g @ 189cm
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Freeride, All-Mountain

Weitere Infos

  • Shape: RP
  • Länge 158cm nur in grüner Farbe und 189cm nur in gelber Farbe erhältlich
Preis (UVP): 1299€

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DPS – Pagoda 112 RP 2022

Text: DPS

The proven combination of the 112 RP’s 15m turn radius and deep tip and tail rocker/taper allows this highly-awarded shape to generate g-forces on hard pack with control, while cradling the rider into the world of powder planing performance. The application of Pagoda technology brings a higher level of stability and damping to the experience, allowing you to comfortably bust through crud and 112 navigate bumps with confidence.

Pagoda: Allow your senses to merge with the zenith of carbon fiber ski tuning.

Pagoda is an approach to engineering. It’s the product of over 15 years devoted to tuning carbon skis. As the centerpiece of the DPS ski collection, Pagoda sits comfortably between the Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour bookends.

Defying classification, this vibrant construction performs extremely well in both resort and backcountry settings. Its unique horizontally layered core quiets unpleasant inconsistencies felt in less-than-perfect snow, while allowing the electricity of carbon to elevate the senses during the precious moments of soft snow euphoria. Enjoy the palpable sensations that can only be found when the mind and ski unite: experience Pagoda.



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