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Modelljahr: 2023

  • Locator 88
  • Locator 96
  • Locator 104
  • Locator 112
Längen: 157, 164, 171, 178, 185cm
  • 124/96/114 @ 157cm
  • 125/96/115 @ 164cm
  • 126/96/116 @ 171cm
  • 127/96/117 @ 178cm
  • 128/96/117 @ 185cm
  • 18m @ 157cm
  • 19m @ 164cm
  • 20m @ 171cm
  • 21m @ 178cm
  • 22m @ 185cm
  • 1.248g @ 164cm
  • 1.288g @ 171cm
  • 1.300g @ 178cm
  • 1.450g @ 185cm
Primäres Einsatzgebiet: Touring

Weitere Infos

  • Caruba Core
  • 1.7 Lightweight Edge
  • Comp Series Base
  • Ti Binding Dampener
  • Carbon Reinforcement
  • AR Bat Tail Self Center Tail Clip

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Armada Skis – Locator 96 2023

Text: Armada Skis

Armada Skis Locator 96 2023: The lightweight and versatile touring ski for charging demanding descents.

The biggest descents ask a lot from your equipment. You’ll need tenacious edge hold and dependable stability for billy goating through no-fall zones while maintaining enough float to surf high-speed turns through creamy pow and perfect corn. The Locator 96 covers all these bases, which is no small feat. The 96 mm waist quickly gets up on edge and bites hard on even the iciest sidehills, all at a weight that’s low enough for the biggest objectives on your tick list.

The progressive shape and blended rocker lines make the 96 a versatile, confident performer in a variety of conditions from meadow skipping in hero snow to traversing refrozen sastrugi in the high peaks.

Armada Skis – Locator Series 2023

The Locator Series is designed for adventures beyond the ropes where untouched powder and steep lines await. Combining phenomenal performance characteristics with super light weights, the four skis in this collection are the ultimate tools to explore the mountains anywhere your legs, lungs and willpower can take you. Locator Series skis are balanced to excel on the up and the down in the enormous range of conditions found in the backcountry with float, stability and versatility at weights that won’t sap the energy needed to charge the descents. It’s okay to draw outside the lines.

Armada Skis - Locator Series 2023
Armada Skis – Locator Series 2023


With a radius of 20-24m, the locator skis have a sidecut that allows the ski to pivot easily, not feel twitchy, and provide incredible stability. Smooth lines throughout make for a predictable feeling no matter the snow type.


We focused on a low camber pocket to provide grip where its needed, but still allowing the ski to have a loose feeling in softer conditions. Rocker lines are “low and slow” which when coupled with the longer radius this provides perfect balance in the ski.

AR Bat Tail

This modern surf inspired tail shape allows skin clips to self center, making it impossible for a skin to slip off.

Caruba Core

Our highest performing, lightest weight wood core. Sustainable as regrowth is up to 5 times faster than poplar.

AR75 Sidewall

Reduces weight in the tip/tail but provides ultimate grip underfoot.

Full Carbon Build

With ti binding enforcement.45 degree x-ply carbon fiber used for lightweight strength without giving up edge grip, ti binding enforcement for power.



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