Traveling Circus Season 11 (2018/2019) – Alle Episoden

Alle Folgen der aktuellen Traveling Circus Staffel Nummer 11 aus der Saison 2018/2019.

In diesem Sammelartikel, den wir immer wieder aktualisieren werden, findet ihr alle bereits veröffentlichten Folgen der Traveling Circus Serie im Winter 2018/2019.

Weitere Videos der Crew findet ihr in unserem Archiv.

LINE Traveling Circus 11.4 – Pain In The Butt

13. Februar 2019

„The crew takes a summer road trip around the Rocky Mountains in search of snow and rails. Along the way, Petey „Two-Holes“ Koukov ends up in the Emergency Room… Lucky for Pete, teammate and proctology-hobbyist Erik Olson was able to lend a hand with his helpful assistants, Sämi Ortlieb, and Taylor Lundquist.

The „Spelunk-King“ returns with a world-record-setting feature, and the gang joins the sock-less dark lord at Woodward Copper for a week of summer camp and boot liking.

Pete is expected to make a full recovery.“

Line Traveling Circus 11.3 – Rocky Start – Early Season in Utah

21. Dezember 2018

„Ahh the early season .. shaky legs, lost gear, anticipation and the hunt for white gold and PVC paradise to slide on. The TC crew descends on familiar territory in the canyons of the Beehive State (Utah, USA) in hopes of early season shenanigans. Being connoisseurs of the fine art of log, rock and tube sliding Will Wesson, Andy Parry and friends pillage every ounce of PVC they can find to once again, make something out of nothing.“

Line Traveling Circus 11.2 – The Trans-Vanada Highway

7. November 2018

„The crew gets in the van and heads across the Trans-Canadian Highway in search of deep fresh pow…err rails, jibs and jumps. Getting an early start on Olympic Training pon de Calgary Olympic Park, boot packing upstairs at Revy and finally landed at Grouse for some dino jibbing and the like. Featuring WIll Wesson, Andy Parry, Rob Heule, Kevin Salonius, LJ Strenio and friends!“

LINE Traveling Circus 11.1 – No Looking Back

„The crew goes on a Bogus adventure in Idaho en route to the annual LINE team shoot at Mission Ridge while LJ does another World’s First Ever trick on a down day. Hilarity and high level skiing ensues with Rob Heule, newcomer Taylor Lundquist, Jack Borland, Khai Krepela, Finland’s Kevin Salonius and friends.“

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