Neue Saison, neue Movies. Hier sind die wichtigsten Freeski-Trailer der Wintersaison 2022/2023 in der Übersicht.

Letztes Update: 08. November 2022

Der Sommer geht langsame zu Ende und der neue Winter ist in Sicht. Höchste Zeit sich in Stimmung zu bringen mit den neuesten Freeski-Movie Trailern.

Wir werden diesen Artikel immer wieder mit dem neuesten Material aktualisieren!

“Daymaker” – Warren Miller

“This season, get ready to free your mind and leave it all behind.

A killer storm cycle in the Monashees. Adaptive backcountry riding like you’ve never seen before. The ultimate grass skiing run. Alaska (twice). Come along for the biggest days with Karl Fostvedt, Michelle Parker, Katie Burrell, Daron Rahlves and more in the 73rd annual Warren Miller film. Then get ready for your own. Because there’s no better day than one out on the hill.”

Starring Karl Fostvedt, Daron Rahlves, Katie Burrell, Jonny Moseley, Madison Rose Ostergren, Simon Hillis, Cam Fitzpatrick, Ryland Bell, Marcus Caston, McKenna Peterson, Michelle Parker, Lexi duPont, Connery Lundin, | Hedvig Wessel, Pete McAfee, Dominic Davila, Bryce Welch, Brian Rice, Ava Keenan, National Brotherhood of Skiers, Marcus Goguen, John Ware, Kai Van Bueren, Payton McElhiney, Toby Rafford, Will Griffith, Wyatt Minor, Thayne Rich, Wing Tai Barrymore, Elisabeth Gerritzen, Hana Beaman, Jamesa Hampton, Tom Peiffer, Tyler Blocker, John Falkiner

“Ski For The Love” – Ski For The Love

“Welcome to Ski For The Love. We are Alex Dorszynski, Josh Anderson, Brandon Craddock and Jed Kravitz.”

“Gaptastic Voyage” – Downdays

“For decades, the Kaunertal Glacier road in Austria has been the site of legendary road-gap sessions. In 2022, we decided to add a new twist to this time-honored tradition. We called it: the Gaptastic Voyage. The full mini-movie will be released in November 2022.”

Featuring: Daniel Bacher, Julius Forer, Simon Geminiani, Goffi Gram, Gabriel Handle, Daniel Hanka, Sven Rauber, Dave Ressler, Hannes Rudigier, Lukas Schäfer, Edouard Therriault, Thomas Trifonitchev, Noah Wallace, David Wolf

“Chameleon” – Deviate Films

“A ski film collective started by Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells in 2019, Deviate Films brings you their third movie ‘CHAMELEON’. With Jossi on the bench this season due to an injury, Torin connected with new faces in Minnesota, Montana, British Columbia and Sweden.”

A visual diversion staring Torin Yater-Wallace, Quinn Wolferman, Kim Boberg, Cody LaPlante, Cody Wilderay and friends.
Full film coming mid November.

“Bar Fight” – Line Skis

“If big mountain skiing is so heavy why does everyone keep putting Odesza in their edits? Sometimes, battling the mountains for your line can be just like a bar fight.”

Skiers: Jake Hopfinger, Jonnie Merril, Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs

“Soulstar – A Hunter Hess Portrait”

“After two long years of filming, we are happy to present the first piece of SOULSTAR. This video is a full 2-year solo project. Featuring Side country, Halfpipe, and Urban. Just like all the videos we grew up watching. We hope you enjoy and get hyped for SOULSTAR. DROPPING THIS FALL!”

“The Approach 2” – Faction Collective

“Brooklyn Bell, Vasu Sojitra, Sophia Rouches, Emilé Zynobia, Anna Soens and Ingrid Backstrom are reframing snowsports to be more inclusive, lifting each other up on the approach and cheering for each other on the way down.”

“Yours Truly” – Arc’teryx

“Swapping the pen for the lens, this is a visual letter recapping a winter with pro skier Cole Richardson.”

Filmed purely in the heart of B.C. backcountry, this short film captures the hunt for powder, pillows, lines, and backcountry booters through the juxtaposition of fast, real lifestyle and slow, beautiful action.

“Recipe” – Coline Ballet-Baz

“RECIPE is a 100% female Freeski documentary, filmed during winter 21/22.
From the steep mountains of the French Alps to the streets of Salt Lake City, this movie highlights the current level of women’s freeskiing, while going deep into the motivations, mindset and sorority”

“Fragments Choisis” – Elisabeth Gerritzen

“Elisabeth combines her career as a top sportswoman with her life as a political science student.
Politics is not something she practices only on the school benches, Elisabeth is an activist and her fights are as important to her as her sport.”

“Feel Real” – Blank Collective

“It’s been said, since time immemorial, that one of the best courses of action in life is to live in the moment. For their eighth feature-length, action and personality-packed ski movie, Blank Collective Films opts to not only adhere to that ideal, but to celebrate the moment itself. From embracing vulnerability, to engaging in exploration, opening your eyes and ears, and never taking oneself too seriously, Feel Real represents the past and present moments, memories and friendships that have shaped The Blank Collective into the skiers they are today.”

“Wavy 2 – The Voyage to the End of the World”

“All the bears – maximum adventure. The film is going on tour with European Outdoor Film Tour this fall in a shorter version called SkiSick, before an online release this December.”

“Delete” – Strictly

“Strictly offers up our final film, a pow and street endeavor”

Featuring Jonah Williams, Ryan Stevenson, Thayne Rich, Sam Zahner, Benny Smith, Seamus Flanagan, Parker Norvell, Pete Koukov, Calvin Barrett, Levi Ascher, and friends

“Promised Land Season 3” – Ski The East

“The crew got after it last season and slayed the powder, jumps, n’ bumps for the cameras once again. After a pandemic hiatus we’re proud to be back and stoked to present the continuation of our popular webisode series: Promised Land and Lappin.

The East Coast is a region of dreamers, deep snow, and drastic weather. When it’s good out here, it’s really good and when it’s bad, well, it just builds character.

Though many Eastern skiers will venture to faraway lands during their lives, our Promised Land keeps them coming back. It’s the camaraderie, the beauty of the struggle, and those wicked sweet Nor’eastah storms that makes it all worth it.”

Promised Land: Season 3 is the 16th annual production by Ski The East. Featuring the Ski The East crew traveling across the northeast in search of glory.

“Electric” – OS Crew

“The Crew went in this year! We traveled farther, built more spots, took more slams, and got more bangers than ever before! This is our 7th OS Project, and It was an Electric season to say the least!”


“Director Xavier Mayrand seeks to explore the streets of Montreal with Québec’s new generation of talent. A short street skiing film entirely filmed in the city of Montreal”

“Sinner Fields” – Bernhard Braun

“A bavarian full time-action-camper story.”

“My 2022 winter season combined with a special kind of humor. Entirely filmed in the Austrian alps.

Adequate snow gliding by Joshua Braun, David Werner and Bernhard Braun

“From Us To You” – Entourage

Online October 26th.

“A Part Of Us” – Jacob Wester

“”A ski film about love”. A documentary and ski movie following Jacob and Sofia Wester through the Norwegian mountains during a record winter, as they chase unskied peaks and powder snow. This film takes a closer look at the fears and doubts that arise, when serious danger and risk of death is ever-present. How does the newly-wed couple balance risks and reward when everything is on the line?”

Full film dropping late 2022

“In Your Dreams” – Laura Obermeyer

“In Your Dreams: a female centric ski film by Laura Obermeyer and friends.”

Featuring: Anna Tedesco, Kellyn Wilson, Skye Clarke, Mckenna Brown, Shondra Charbonneau, Cat Agnew, Tereza Korabova, Rosina Friedel, and Alice Michel.

Coming to the Level 1 YouTube in October and premiering in Denver, Boston, SLC, Bozeman, Burlington and Seattle via our film tour – tickets on sale now. Additional grassroots premiere locations and dates forthcoming!

“Brap Ski Vol. 2” – Karl Fostvedt


“Something In The Water” – Brady Perron / Level 1

“As their follow up to last year’s “Freehand”, Jake Mageau and Level 1 proudly present “Something In The Water”, a short film directed by Brady Perron.

Coming to the Level 1 YouTube this fall. World Premiere 9/16 in Denver, tickets here

“Nexus” – Arc’teryx

“Five distinct groups of female skiers, five unique stories that tell the story of a deep connection to the mountains, each other, and beyond. Explores how the mountains have been a transformative place for each of these athletes and what they’ve learned from their time on skis.

Coming this Fall.”

“Why Not?” – Child Labor

“a full length street skiing video
-releasing online this fall
-premiering at @level1 in Denver 9/17
-premiering in SLC in October, date TBA”

“Magic Hour” – Teton Gravity Research (TGR)

“Magic hour is not so much a particular time a day as a culmination of powerful moments in some of the most beautiful, wild places on the planet. For 27 years, Teton Gravity Research has been searching for the right place with the right crew at the perfect time to experience life at its fullest.

Between the thrill of the hunt and the peace of floating down a mountain, the sum of our experiences becoming greater than its parts is what we seek. If you ask us, our annual snow film Magic Hour is just that.”

Featuring: Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Griffin Post, Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Kai Jones, Christina Lustenberger, Sam Smoothy, Parkin Costain, Amy Jane David, KC Deane, Veronica Paulsen, Jim Ryan, Michelle Parker, Jeremy Jones, Bode Merrill, Simon Hillis, McRae Williams, Jake Hopfinger, Nat Murphy.

Shot On Location Jackson Hole, Alaska, British Columbia, Montana

“Anywhere From Here” – Matchstick Producktions (MSP)

“The sport of skiing is unquestionably one of the most diversified recreational pursuits imaginable. By the time a lifelong skier reaches middle age, he or she has likely dabbled in or fully dedicated him or herself to a myriad of facets within the sport. Each facet provides an entirely new set of experiences, thrills, challenges and rewards.

Matchstick Productions 2022 ski film explores this world of opportunities through the eyes of a 12 year-old freestyle phenomenon. Through his voice, the audience hears the skiing aspirations of such a 12 year-old, a kid who just wants to play and doesn’t have to ponder “real life” quite yet.The core of this film is packed with a star studded cast of skiers shredding across the globe.”

Featuring: Sam Kuch, Tonje Kvivik, Eric Hjorleifson, Markus Eder, Emily Childs, Logan Pehota, Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs, Mathea Olin, Cole Richardson, Craig Murray, Lucy Sackbauer, Mark Abma, Sam Cohen, Dennis Ranalter, Hunter Hess, Birk Irving and introducing Walker Woodring.

Shot On Location Third Edge Heli-Skiing, AK | Nootka Lodge, BC | Absolut Park, Austria | Golden Alpine Holidays,
BC | Pemberton, BC | Copper Mountain, CO | Stellar Heli-Skiing, BC | Mt Hood, OR

“Next Stop Sneg” – Troublehaus

“After receiving a suspicious message on his computer screen, Sven Rauber goes on a hallucinating ski trip into a pillow filled forest in the middle of nowhere. He finds him self in a camp alongside a beautiful river between some hills wich hold some of the best snow and skiing terrain in the world.”

A non sponsored, no budget, non profit, all self intended ski movie!

Riders: Sven Rauber, Kostya San, Grigory Korneev